Clovenfords farm gate openers sought

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Police are investigating a series of allegations of malicious behaviour around the village of Clovenfords.

The incidents, reported to Monday’s meeting of the community council, have involved the persistent opening of farm gates on the back road between the village and the Fox Covert wood near Bowland.

According to Councillor Gavin Logan, who lives in the village, six field gates have been opened on three separate occasions in recent weeks, resulting in livestock escaping onto the public road.

He also reported that on Easter Sunday a large amount of litter was dumped on the same stretch.

“Scottish Borders Council employees collected 14 bags of litter from this single incident,” said Mr Logan.

“The malicious opening of field gates is just not acceptable. It is not only childish and irresponsible, but allowing cattle onto public roads also presents a serious risk of accidents to members of the public.

“I just hope the culprit wakes up to the consequences of this kind of behaviour.”