Clef Club members brush off the cobwebs

The first meeting of 2013 at Galashiels Clef Club will take place on Saturday, January 12, at 7.30pm at the Lucy Sanderson Hall, off Tweed Crescent.

Amongst the musical offerings are works for solo piano, including a selection of jazzy pieces and a programme with a children’s theme by Bratton, Herbert, Poldini and Debussy.

Members will also perform Theme on a Nightingale for recorder and keyboard and a piano flute quartet by Fasch for flute, violin, cello and piano.

“The Clef Club wishes all its past and present members a very happy New Year,” writes the club’s Heidi Goodship, “and we hope to welcome potential new members whose New Year’s resolution may be to consider dusting down their musical instruments and rediscovering the joy of performing with fellow musicians.”

The Clef Club welcomes new members of any age who may wish to try their hand at performing a short concert piece of music or song to a small, friendly audience.

If you are interested, please contact Elizabeth Fraser on 01896 752375 or visit the website: