Clampdown on inconsiderate parking

Inconsiderate parking forces pedestrians onto the road and into the path of vehicles.

It is a major barrier for people with visual or mobility impairments, wheelchair or mobility scooter users, families with pushchairs and cyclists. It can damage the pavement, creating additional costly obstacles.

With an ageing, less mobile population, more cars on the road and less money for maintenance, we need to prevent inconsiderate parking.

Joe Fitzpatrick MSP has launched his proposed Responsible Parking bill in the Scottish Parliament to enforce restrictions on pavement parking, dropped-kerb parking and double parking. Eighteen major charities have come together in the Responsible Parking Alliance to support the proposals and end the inconsiderate parking that stops us getting around our streets.

We urge your readers to respond to this consultation before the June 30 deadline 2012. You can find out further details and respond in just two minutes via the Living Streets Scotland or Guide Dogs Scotland websites.

Keith Irving

(Living Streets Scotland)

Jane Horsburgh

(Guide Dogs Scotland)