Christmas card policy

Broomlands primary school, Kelso: “As we are an eco school we would ask that children do not exchange cards in school. We are happy for each child, if they wish, to send one card to the class. These will be displayed in the nursery for all to see and enjoy. This is also the policy in school which works well.”

I wonder how many parents’ hearts sank like mine at this news? I’m not saying it is being mean-spirited, but surely I’m not the only parent who can remember the joy of posting a card through the red letter box in school, waiting excitingly for it to be delivered to my classmate, and the pleasure or frustration to my family of having to write each card “all by myself”, then handing them to my friends with a look of achievement on my face?

In a technology-led world, Christmas provides the perfect opportunity for our young people to touch base with human comfort and express their appreciation for friendship, and this is displayed through their precious cards which my daughter and son proudly display at home.

In terms of being eco friendly, as a conscientious society I know I’m not the only parent who buys charity cards for my children to send, but also reads the recycling calendar, kindly provided by Scottish Borders Council.

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