Christine's guided tour of supermarket's charity drive

Borders MSP Christine Grahame paid a visit to Sainsbury's in Peebles this week to learn about the supermarket's Local Charity of the Year.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 26th August 2016, 10:46 am

Every year Sainsbury’s works with customers and staff to support a local cause at the heart of the community and Ms Grahame was delighted to hear that this year Peebles had chosen Guide Dogs for the Blind.

She said: “Shoppers in Peebles voted to support Guide Dogs for the Blind this year and I am particularly pleased about this as I sponsor Guide Dog puppies and have done for years.

“I understand that the partnership lasts for the whole year and includes a range of support, such as awareness raising and fundraising in store, volunteering and donations.”

The MSP met Margot Swanston, deputy store manager, and staff member Jenna Aitchison. She was given a tour of the store and chatted to shoppers and staff about the charity initiative.

Ms Grahame added: “Sainsbury’s have been nominating a Local Charity of the Year since 2009 and has now raised over £11million throughout the UK.”