Christine Grahame raises questions over Scottish Borders Council’s handling of £420,000 George Knox Fund

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A Borders MSP has raised concerns about Scottish Borders Council’s handling of a £420,000 bequest left for the elderly people of Galashiels.

George Knox passed away in 2010, leaving the six figure sum to the town, but the money has yet to be distributed by SBC.

A representative from Scottish Borders Elder Voice contacted Christine Grahame MSP about the delays.

Ms Grahame said: “I contacted Scottish Borders Council last month to find out what was happening with the legacy, which was to be dealt with by the Galashiels Local Relief Fund, and was told there had been a delay due to administrative changes that had to be made.

“I can understand why Elder Voice is frustrated, particularly as they have been approached by people who could benefit from the funding and I am sure there must be plenty of them at the moment.

“The interest alone on this fund could be put to good use and while Elder Voice doesn’t actually want the money I am sure the group have some good ideas on how it could be used.

“The funding was described by the council as ‘an extraordinary act of generosity’ but I am sure Mr Knox would not be happy to see this money sitting dormant when it could be benefitting the elderly in Galashiels which was his wish.”

Former council convener Drew Tulley criticised the council for the lack of interest gathered from the fund last year.