Chicken shed comments a move in the right direction

Could some good come out of the flooding of the chicken sheds at Station Road, Lauder (Southern, February 14)?

Ian Campbell’s comments about moving his chicken sheds was music to at least 95 per cent of Lauder residents’ ears.

The relocation of the sheds would make way for the industrial site to expand properly, bringing badly-needed industry to the town which would lead to more jobs and more business to the area. The sheds were built pre-war and were used for storage during the Second World War. Mr Campbell is well aware of the problems associated with sheds of that age and I am glad he recognises that there are issues in trying to keep livestock so close to houses in modern-day times.

If chickens are to be kept as close to a town, they should be in new state-of-the-art sheds which get cleaned out on a regular basis (not every two years as is current practice) which would make for a more pleasant environment in and around Lauder.

Given that Mr Campbell has invested considerable monies into new facilities elsewhere, it would seem logical, given that the Lauder premises are no longer fit for purpose, to relocate to more suitable premises outwith residential areas, to facilities already set up by his company.

So if Mr Campbell is serious about moving, he would be doing the right thing. I am quite sure that he would have no problem selling the site as it is in a prime location.

David Wilson