Charity celebrates 45 years

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The Borders Children’s Charity benefited from the generosity of a Borderer itself – Chris Kurt who ran Marmions’ Café Bar at the Borders Book Festival. He offered the café to the BCC committee to host a coffee morning for past BCC committee members, who over the years have raised and allocated thousands of pounds to help children in the Borders.

The voluntary charity was officially formed in 1966, though local ladies had been fundraising informally for Borders children since 1964. More than 100 past committee members have been traced and the pictured group is current and past members, representing committees spanning over 45 years.

Bronwyn Coggan, chair of the committee, said: “In the early days the ladies met at one of their kitchen tables to plan their fundraising events and agree the allocation of funds. Everything was done by handwriting and telephone which was a slow and very labour intensive process, which shows the dedication of these past members time.

“Now so much of this is done by email, text and mobile, but it’s still the meetings that inspire all the volunteers to keep working hard to help children living in our area who need help, of which sadly there are too many. The gathering at the Book Festival was a great opportunity to thank the ladies who have put in such an effort over the years and built the foundations of a charity which donates 100 per cent of monies raised to local children, a claim not too many charitable organisations can make these days.”

Last year, the BCC raised and gave out grants of more than £28,000, providing more than 50 beds. More than 200 hundred children were enabled to participate in activities, over 70 went on school trips and other funding helped many children make their very difficult lives a little bit better.

Donations to the Borders Children’s Charity can be made by texting BCCT03 and your donation amount (£xx) to 70070 or