Charity begins at home

Borders-based initiative The Jack & Jill Market is to give a local charity a boost by handing over all the proceeds from its busy baby and children’s nearly new market this week.

Jack & Jill Market founder, Nicole Diamond, announced the move on Monday and says now that her markets are spreading to Edinburgh, Fife, Perth and beyond, she felt it was time to give something back to her local community and mums for their ongoing support.

All the proceeds from the venture at the Volunteer Hall in Galashiels will be donated to the Borders Children’s Charity, which helps children in the region suffering from distress due to poverty, disability, or sickness. 

Clare de Bolle, the charity’s chairperson, commented: “We are delighted that The Jack & Jill Market has chosen to support us at its May event.”

She went on to say that the charity is proud that it has virtually no overheads and that 99 per cent of every penny raised goes to children in the Borders. The charity helps children and their families by funding items such as clothing, furniture, bed, and bedding.

“Many people do find it distressing to learn that there are children in the Borders that don’t even have a pair of shoes,” added Ms Fraser.

As well as donating all proceeds, the Jack & Jill Market will also give shoppers the opportunity to make £1 donations to help the charity.

Ms Diamond said: “When you shop for quality nearly-new baby and children’s items at The Jack & Jill Market, you most likely will have some change to donate to the charity as the market is jam-packed with stalls bursting with great bargains and our events have proven that you don’t need to break the bank to provide the best for your kids.”

The Jack & Jill Market is open between 10.30am and 1.30pm at the Volunteer Hall in Galashiels on Saturday. Entry £1 for adults.