Challenge nauseating in view of famine in Africa

I was appalled by the photograph and article on your front page last week entitled The Cross Keys challenge is a bit of a burger, and the follow-up on page 2 encouraging the consumption of the Mighty Whyte (1kg burger, 2kg bun, four fried eggs, coleslaw and 1 kg of chips) in under 45 minutes by a single individual to win the Mighty Whyte Challenge.

Take a moment if you will to check the other stories in some of the national press the same day and you will find that most of them focus on the dreadful famine in East Africa.

There are harrowing pictures of children dying and a story of one mother who was forced to leave her weakest child to die by the side of the road in order to save the others. As a mother myself, I cannot even begin to imagine having to make that choice.

Can someone therefore tell me why the Cross Keys is encouraging someone to eat until they are bloated, nauseous and in pain, symptoms incidentally similar to an individual suffering from famine?

While I can appreciate that we are in tough economic times, could I respectfully suggest that The Cross Keys withdraws its nauseating challenge and finds other methods to encourage customers through the door. May I also respectfully suggest that in what may have been a slow news week your newspaper finds something less distasteful with which to lead.

Lesley White

Howden Farmhouse