CGI deal not all it’s cracked up to be, says employee

While a deal has been done with Scottish Borders Council IT staff who are being outsourced to Canadian company CGI, it appears there is a vast swathe of them who say it is unfair.

While newer members of staff have secured a decent rise in pay, those who have years of experience are effectively taking a pay cut.

A source from the council’s ICT department, who did not want to be named, tod us: “CGI offered us all alternative terms and conditions. This was in your newspaper recently, and as an incentive they (SBC and CGI) said that everyone would be taken up to the top of their pay scale, which is normally based on length of service.

“This is grossly unfair as less than half are not on the top already.

“This means that most of us, who have served the longest, lose out, as we are actually having our hourly rate cut.”

Our source added: “People in post for only one or two years will be getting £2,000 or more on their salary, but most of us get zero, not counting the 2.5% increase in pay for working 7% more hours.

“Is this the way to recognise the experience of staff going over?”

In a joint statement from SBC and CGI, a spokesperson said: “CGI has consulted and agreed with employees transferring from SBC, and their representative unions, on changes to terms and conditions which contain a number of enhancements as well as protected terms as part of their transfer to CGI.”