Candidates express their thanks

May I reiterate my appreciation to all who voted for me in the Scottish Parliament elections.

It is perhaps a quirk that even with the hugely-redrawn boundaries and the impact of the national situation, my vote share was higher this time than when I won the election in 2003.

It has been the very good fortune of mine to have had the privilege of representing the people and communities of Tweeddale, Ettrick and Lauderdale in the Scottish Parliament. I am sorry that I will not have the opportunity to serve the new constituency of Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale.

I wish my successor the very best as she carries out her duties.

I hope that together with the local communities I represented we saw progress.

I am grateful for the hundreds of messages and emails I have received since last Friday from former constituents – this has been simply overwhelming.

Jeremy Purvis

Westwood Gardens


I write to record my thanks to the local press who have afforded candidates the opportunity of having articles published during the Scottish Parliament election campaign.

My sincere congratulations to John Lamont for being elected first-past-the-post and Paul Wheelhouse who became an MSP through the list system. They ran a fair and honest local campaign.

Please may I also record my congratulations to the local Labour team who worked tirelessly. I am eternally grateful to them for their efforts and sacrifice during the campaign.

The work of local business and printers should also be acknowledged, working to deadlines and never grumbling.

To those who took the time to turn out and vote Labour I regret I did not win for you – to those who voted for other parties I hope you are satisfied with the democratic outcome.

Rab Stewart

(Scottish Labour Party candidate, Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire)

UKIP South of Scotland list candidates would like to thank everyone who took the time to listen to our message throughout the region during the campaign.

For those who voted for us, we thank you for your trust and undertake to work even harder next time; for those who didn’t vote for us, we hope we can listen even more and come up to where you think we should be to earn your trust and vote at the next election.

Lastly, congratulations to the parties who did win seats.

Bill Wright

(UKIP, South of Scotland)

May I take the opportunity to express my thanks to the voters in Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire for electing me as their Member of the Scottish Parliament last Thursday.

There are many challenges ahead, but I promise to continue to work as hard as I can, putting local people before party politics.

John Lamont MSP

High Street


I would like to thank the solid few who showed their support for me on May 5 in Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire.

I value every one of you and will continue to defend this part of the Borders.

Jesse Rae