Candidate’s contributions

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I write to you after reading a letter in last week’s issue from Rab Stewart, secretary of the local constituency Labour Party, in which he refers to a story printed in TheSouthern the previous week.

First of all, can I point out that I sent my letter of resignation from the Labour Party to Alan Jamieson, who is organiser for the local party, following a phone call from him.

Secondly, Rab claims that I never contributed at Labour Party meetings or knew any of their policies. This clearly shows short memories as I helped both Ian Miller as a candidate at the 2010 Westminster elections and Rab himself as a Holyrood candidate last year, delivered literature and attended lots of hustings and debates, and offered them continuous support.

Furthermore, I spent a whole week during the 2010 Westminster elections putting posters on lamp posts with the help of two other local members – clearly facts that Rab has chosen to forget.

Altogether, I would say I have attended 11 constituency Labour Party meetings and contributed significantly to local Labour over the past few years.

Rab’s letter clearly shows their contempt towards me and indeed their fear at me standing against their candidate, Michael Grieve, who played no visible part in the 2010 election.

Craig Bryson

(Independent candidate, Hawick and Denholm)