Candidate hits out over attack

A VANDALISM attack on the temporary Hawick headquarters of Scottish Labour has highlighted public concerns raised by voters on the doorstep, according to party hopeful Rab Stewart.

Police are seeking witnesses of the incident in which the rented shop at 24 High Street had its window smashed between Friday night and Saturday morning.

Mr Stewart, who is fighting Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire in the Scottish election, said the crime “was a timely reminder of what is wrong with out society today”.

“Whether a fascist element or just a thug was responsible, this has helped strengthen, not weaken, my resolve to stand up for the ordinary decent folk in our society,” he told us.

“I am constantly told about how the behaviour of some, causes extreme diffulties for others.

“One shopkeeper in Selkirk tells me of the vandalism that happens to her premises on a regular basis in broad daylight, without anyone in authority prioritising these acts as being unacceptable by pursuing, catching and punishing those responsible.

“Not doing anything sends out the wrong message that this is acceptable behaviour. I will fight in this constituency to make sure people and property are treated with the utmost respect and I will not tolerate any response of ‘there’s not much we can do’.

“I can assure you there is – and we will.”

The premises near the Crown buildings and had been empty for some time before being rented by the Labour Party to use as a meeting place and for the preparation of election materials. The shop front has now been boarded up.