Campaign to end animal experiments

Animal Aid has launched a new, high-profile campaign aimed at persuading medical research charities to stop funding animal experiments.

Our report, Victims of Charity, describes how charity-funded medical researchers have deliberately damaged monkeys’ brains with toxic chemicals, systematically destroyed dogs’ hearts, tormented mice in water mazes and injected them with cancerous tissue.

Our investigators – led by a medical doctor and a veterinary surgeon – concluded that years of animal-based research into cancer, dementia, heart disease and Parkinson’s has not only caused immense animal suffering, but has also been a wasteful and futile quest that has failed to advance the cause of human medicine.

Therefore, Animal Aid is urging people to donate only to the many medical charities that confine themselves to funding non-animal methods such as the use of donated human tissue, microdosing, computer modelling, imaging technologies, clinical observation, autopsy studies and epidemiology. In addition, people can still help the patient support work of charities that do fund animal experiments by volunteering at the charities’ therapy sessions, as well as one-to-one befriending and support.

A list of charities which do and don’t fund animal experiments is available from Animal Aid or at Please also ask for our campaign postcards addressed to four major charities that still fund animal research.

Andrew Tyler


Animal Aid