Calling for a Kelso clean-up

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The points in Helen Todd’s letter (“Rubbish way to treat the Borders”, Southern, February 23) are well made.

But I fear that until educationalists are forced to take responsibility for instilling civic pride in upcoming generations, those of us who care about the beauty of Scotland’s wonderful natural heritage will forever be on the back foot.

But even without support from those who largely shape the behaviour of the young, there is still much that is positive that can be done.

The annual Keep Scotland Beautiful National Spring Clean is fast approaching. Many communities across the Borders already organise local clean-ups and other events, so why not also in Kelso? Perhaps the community council could organise some volunteers and a programme – there is, sadly, no shortage of locations that could benefit.

Such an initiative would also perfectly complement the current improvements being undertaken in the town under the Townscape Heritage Initiative.

Richard West

Inch Park