Call for volunteers to aid waste campaign

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A BORDERS campaign for zero waste is looking for more volunteers thanks to further Scottish Government funding, writes Sally Gillespie.

The Scottish Borders Zero Waste Volunteer project plans to use the £22,500 from Government-backed Zero Waste Scotland to continue its work and recruit and train more helpers.

Local project co-ordinator David Scott Aiton said: “The more volunteers we have the more support we can give to our neighbours, friends and others in our local communities to reduce waste and recycle more.”

The local group currently has 23 volunteers based across the region who help Borderers combat food waste, compost, recycle and reduce unwanted mail, going into schools, attending public events, giving talks and providing advise to householders.

Expert training is provided to all volunteers, giving an opportunity to learn more about the national campaigns behind Scotland’s bid to become a zero waste society and how they can help spread the word to encourage everyone to do a little bit more.

Borders Zero Waste Volunteer project is run by the local BCCF Environmental in partnership with Zero Waste Scotland.