But what happens if we vote No?

There are those who feel there is too much uncertainty surrounding voting Yes in the forthcoming independence referendum – and to be fair to them, that’s a perfectly-understandable and reasonable position to hold.

But that stance demands – in order for a balanced judgement to be made – comparison to what we know for certain what will become of us if Scotland decides to remain in the Union.

There will be more austerity, further cuts to public services, another drastic reduction in welfare provisions and no repeal of the bedroom tax,

There is a real prospect of a Tory-led Westminster government being re-elected in 2015, almost certainly resulting in the tearing up of the Barnett Formula used to calculate how much of our own money we get back from the Treasury. And as the consensus down south is that it is too generous to Scotland, we can expect a big hit on our current funding arrangements.

There is a possibility a Tory government would take us out of the European Union and lumber us with the massive expense of replacement nuclear weapons.

Scots would once again be at the mercy of a government we didnae want and didnae elect.

Even in the event of Labour securing an election victory, we are not going to see the kind of radicalism required to turn things round quickly enough to make the difference needed.

If this is all we have to look forward to, then I am not convinced we are better together.

Surely there is an argument for us to have the government we want, best suited to our needs – a government with a social conscience looking after the needs of the many and not the few.

This is what’s on offer and let’s dispel the myth that it would be a Scotland run by Alex Salmond and the SNP. It will more than likely be a left-of-centre administration that the people of Scotland would elect following independence.

To summarise, the question is what option represents the best value – staying in or coming out?

For me, the one with the worst value is staying in an outdated Union and being run by Westminster governments who just dinnae get the Scottish people or wir Scottish ways.

Hugh Sneddon

Primrose Bank