Travel in style to your wedding

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The wedding vehicle chosen to carry the bride is a very important as it sets the tone for the whole event, so should be in keeping with the rest of the wedding.

If you’re planning a very sophisticated event, turning up in your dad’s old banger won’t hit quite the right note.

The Borders has a range of hire firms able to cater for all your transport needs. Check out the adverts within these pages for details. When hiring a car, make sure you see it before booking or paying a deposit.

The wedding car will be the backdrop for wedding photos, so make sure the colour doesn’t clash with the bride’s bouquet or the bridesmaids’dresses.

Talk to the car-hire company about the ribbon for the front of the car well in advance. If you have to buy it, do so well in advance and ask a reliable (and handy) member of the bridal party to attach it to the car on the day. This can be surprisingly fiddly, so for a professional result, practice is essential. For a stylish effect, colour co-ordinate the ribbon on the car with your flowers and/or the general colour theme of your wedding.

If you’re using your own car or borrowing one from a friend or relative, have it valeted before the big day.

You don’t want to have to scramble over empty crisp packets or end up sitting on the dog’s blanket!

In the excitement of booking your car, don’t forget the other members of the bridal party. You will also need transport for your mum and the bridesmaids.

Always remember to confirm any bookings the week before the big day – you don’t want to find that your vintage Rolls has been double booked on the morning of your wedding!