Traders group relaunch town website

TRADERS in Kelso are re-launching a website that aims to bring more people to the town and keep local people better informed.

With support from the Kelso Community Council Grant Scheme, funded by Sainsbury’s, Kelso Chamber of Trade (KCT) have awarded the tender to revamp the town website – – to Wired Nomad, who have produced similar websites for other Borders communities.

Michael Ballantyne, KCT chairman, said: “The current Kelso website was created in the space of 24 hours to celebrate ‘The Homecoming!’ in 2009, and while it served the purpose at the time it has been clear that we could reach out to people across the local community and further afield more effectively with a newly-developed site.

“The site aims to be the primary source of information for visitors, people wanting to move to Kelso and our local community.

“We really want the site to be an inspirational ‘one-stop shop’ for Kelso, which absorbs the history of the area, celebrates the present and looks forward, and ultimately benefits local businesses, visitors and the local community.”

Wired Nomad has created a vibrant new site which seeks to promote local businesses and events and also includes news and information from local clubs and organisations.

There will also be a facility on the website to incorporate last-minute news, such as school closures.

Kelso Provost John Bassett said: “This is a wonderful effort by Kelso Chamber of Trade to move with the times and not simply be happy with having a website, but pro-actively moving to make it more accessible to everyone in the community.”

Mr Bassett added: “We are well supported by our local media and I hope that this website will be a valuable addition that helps people know what’s going on in the area and attracts more people to visit Kelso.”

The official launch and the presentation of the new look website will be made to residents and traders on Monday, November 4, at 5.45pm in the Cross Keys Hotel.