Techno chart entry for Innerleithen’s Stuart

top ten techno man. David Noble and Stuart MacFarlane.
top ten techno man. David Noble and Stuart MacFarlane.

There was cause for celebration for Innerleithen’s Stuart MacFarlane when he achieved a top-10 position in a national league of excellence.

In his first year as an entrant, Stuart has just been announced as one of the UK’s 10 best technicians in his specialised field as a master technician for the Nissan GT-R supercar.

The GT-R is a highly technical feat of engineering, and to maintain optimum levels of performance, each hand-built engine requires specially trained mechanics with considerable knowledge and technical skill.

Stuart has spent 18 months learning his craft at the Alex F. Noble Nissan dealership at Straiton near Edinburgh and his ninth-placed position in the master technician competition reflects his dedication to the performance vehicle.

Stuart told us: “I’m quite excited to be in this position, because it’s a big achievement to be rated as one of the best in the country.”

His success was also acknowledged by David Noble, dealer principal at Alex F. Noble Nissan: “We’re very proud to have Stuart on our team.”

There was further good news for Alex F. Noble Nissan with another master technician also achieving a high-ranking position.

Graham Muirhead from Penicuik has spent the last two years working extensively on the GT-R, and his own lofty position in the national rankings means he and Stuart are officially the best GT-R master technicians in Scotland.