Teamwork is key to your perfect day

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So you’re engaged, and since your fiancé got up from one knee, you’ve been showing off that sparkler to everyone and anyone!

You’ve picked your bridesmaids and colour scheme already and now you’re daydreaming of the perfect fairytale wedding.

But before your mind starts racing to everything from favours to photographers, take a moment to stop and collect your thoughts. Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things you will ever do in your life, and it is vital to plan ahead right from the outset. How long it will take to plan varies from couple to couple, but the average wedding takes a bit of time to pull together. Even a simple service in a registry office and a small reception takes a great deal of thought, so it is important that brides-to-be don’t bite off more than they can chew.

Allow yourself enough time to organise every detail and lean on your future husband, parents and bridesmaids if it all gets too much.

In fact, you may want to dish out jobs and tasks to save getting bogged down yourself.

Buy a wedding organiser and file business cards, cuttings and ideas, and note important dates in a diary.

Book as much as you can in advance to ease the burden later. Most venues and other wedding suppliers will be happy to take bookings well in advance of the actual date, and it will allow you to manage the cost more easily. Remember to pencil in some time to de-stress, visit family, enjoy time with friends or even plan a girls night in – with no wedding talk! Removing yourself from your plans will help put things into perspective and allow you to refocus, you might even come up with new ideas with a fresh mind and outlook.

And finally, remember the real reason behind your wedding is the commitment you are making to your partner and vice-versa. Planning your new life together should be exciting and fun, so work as a team to leave the stresses behind!