Taking account of the bigger picture

Scottish Borders Business Awards - 2011
Scottish Borders Business Awards - 2011

A SELKIRK accountancy firm has signed up to a benevolent intiative to help communities in the Third World, writes Andrew Keddie.

As a result of its partnership with Buy1Give1 (BIG1 for short), Stark Main & Co of Dunsdale Road and its clients will make a tangible difference to some of the world’s neediest people.

“Whenever current clients and new clients access our services, some real good gets done –everything from giving children access to life-saving clean water and education, to providing a goat to a family in Kenya so they have a sustainable income for life,” explained director Ian Main.

“Over the years as our business has grown, I have often asked what else we could be doing to give greater purpose in what we do, whilst still remaining thriving and profitable.

“As soon as we heard about B1G1, we saw the potential for our firm to make a real difference to people’s lives. B1G1 gives us nearly 700 projects to link our services to – we can chop and change and even match the giving directly to our clients’ businesses.

“As just one example, now when we produce a set of accounts for a new client we automatically give a goat to a needy family in Kenya through B1G1 and the World Youth International project. And each goat gives that family a sustainable income.”

And for every free business analysis meeting, Stark Main will make sure a child in Africa automatically receives clean, pure, life-saving drinking water for life.

Mr Main said the reaction of clients had been very positive.

“There’s a wonderful ripple effect being created and the impact we’re making together keeps growing and growing,” he told us.

Now the firm has invited the chairman of B1G1, Paul Dunn, to present a seminar programme at the Holiday Inn in Corstorphine, Edinburgh, tomorrow. Mr Dunn is flying in especially from B1G1 headquarters in Singapore for the event, called Adding Speed, Adding Purpose, Changing Lives.

“Paul is one of the most inspiring speakers you’ll ever have the chance to hear,” said Mr Main.

“Like us, he believes that businesses have the power to change lives and at the event he will explain how companies can put that in action and literally transform the way they do business.”

Local businesses who want to benefit from either or both initiatives should contact Ian Main or Jim Stark at Stark Main & Co on 01750 23900.

Alternatively, you can register for the seminar through Stark Main & Co’s facebook page www.facebook.co.uk/starkmain.