Style and good grooming maketh the man ...

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Moisturising, cleansing, hair colouring, waxing – just for the ladies? Well not so fast.

Studies have found that men now spend equal, if not more, time getting ready to go out than women, and they spend more on high-end products than their female counterparts.


Shaping of eyebrows can make men look younger and more polished. Simple ways to control unruly eyebrows is to either comb straight up with brow brush or clean toothbrush. Using the straight end of your shaver or trimmer, take off any hairs that are above the natural brow line. Or for the more adventurous try plucking.

If you are plucking, do so after your shower as the heat will open your pores, so it won’t hurt so much. Pluck the hairs out one by one, quickly in the natural direction of growth.


There is no point wearing a clean-cut suit with polished shoes and gelled hair if your hands are screaming out “Bob the builder!”

Do you really think ragged nails and rough cuticles make you look masculine?

Dirty, rough-looking nails are a real turn-off. And before you look out those summer sandals, how do the feet and toes look?

A manicurist will trim your cuticles and buff your nails to maintain your healthy hands and feet. At home, occasionally soak them in warm soapy water and apply a good hand and foot cream. And to keep nails gleaming. Invest in a nail file and buffer.


A good haircut can change your face, making your jawline look more masculine, your eyes more commanding and making your overall appearance taller and leaner.

Men now have a strong styling option and more are using colouring products to cover grey hair.

Products have a huge influence on men’s styling. Gel is the most effective product in keeping hair in place for many hours. Mousse is advantageous when producing volume for men with fine or thinning hair.

So come on chaps, follow your feminine side and get pampering.