Students get 100 per cent

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BORDERS College agricultural students got ‘on-the-job’ experience at Kelso recently when they read ear tags of tups sold at last months’ famous ram sales.

The 14 students – 13 studying farming and one mechanic – volunteered after Hawick-based tag makers Allflex asked the college to help them scan the 5,500-plus rams’ electronic ear tags.

The college’s land-based programme leader Andrew Johson said: “This is the first year we’ve done this. It was a great opportunity because it’s new technology and something the students need to know about and it gave them a chance to meeting people and deal with a difficult situation working under a bit of pressure. They did really well and the results were brilliant.”

The college often works with the industry, helping at Scotsheep in the Borders a few years ago, at the Border Union and other local shows – and they are putting up the sheep pens for Yetholm on Saturday.

Allflex’s Bronwyn Alt said: “These students were absolutely brilliant. Having never done anything like this before, not knowing what to expect and being put under a certain amount of pressure to make sure every tag was read and in a consistent timely manner, they all stepped up to the plate and with bags of hard work and enthusiasm did a fantastic job and read every tup getting a tidy read rate of 100 per cent.”