Schoolchildren to be given grounding in agriculture

MORE than 150 schoolchildren will find out about farming at a workshop in Peeblesshire on Wednesday.

The Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET) and local farmers are holding the food and farming day at Netherurd House near West Linton.

A RHET spokesperson explained the reasoning behind the Scottish Government-sponsored event: “The objective is to provide a hands-on educational experience for the 155 invited pupils by exposing them to elements of local farming and food production. A range of activities and discussions exploring different types of farming and associated food products will enable pupils to learn where their food comes from.”

Sessions will cover dairy, beef and sheep, venison, crops and cereals, and tractors and farm machinery and about 12 RHET volunteer farmers will be involved.

The spokesperson said: “All the workshops will be as hands-on as possible; pupils will be finding out how cheese is made, milling flour, sitting on tractors and meeting sheep, and learning about local produce with a shopping race!

“Food and farming days are designed to give pupils a better awareness of where the food on their plate is produced, plus the importance of the Scottish countryside.”

The event runs from 10am to 2pm.