RSABI £4,000 better off

an AUCTION and raffle at RSABI’s cheese and wine evening earlier this month raised nearly £4,000 for the benevolent fund.

The event, at Duns Castle, was organised by the Borders committee of the agricultural charity, which helps people who have worked on the land.

Local development officer Ashley Baird said: “The aim was to make people in the agricultural industry more aware of the fund. An incredible list of auction lots was very kindly donated by a number of local businesses and individuals, and with the help of auctioneer George Forbes, raised almost £3,000.

“A raffle on top of this brought the fundraising total to almost £4,000 and 17 people signed up to become annual supporting members of RSABI.”

Miss Baird and the fund’s chief executive, Dr Maurice Hankey, spoke at the event which was attended by 100 people.

The next Borders RSABI event is the annual golf tournament at Duns Golf Course on Friday July 1 and anyone interested should contact Miss Baird on 01573 450758 or email