Royal seal of approval for Borders beef

Borders farmers and a butcher fed the Princess Royal in London this week.

The meat the princess ate for lunch at a Scotch Beef event came from Jedburgh’s Upper Nisbet, farmed by Robert and Jacqueline Neill, and was supplied by Louise Forsyth from butchers Forsyth of Peebles.

The Borderers met the princess at the Scotch Beef Club meeting run by Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) on Tuesday.

President of the club, the princess congratulated the Neills, who are the first Scotch Beef Farm of the Year winners this year, for epitomising the dedication found in producing top quality beef.

The meeting saw a master butcher demonstrate a range of alternative cuts from the forequarter of a Limousin cross and there was a tasting session.

The princess said the event brought into focus the underuse of a very valuable resource and the need to make the best use of the whole carcass.

The former Olympian was so impressed with the Borders beef that she asked for some cuts to take home.

She hoped to barbecue the flatiron and rump steaks from the demonstration.

QMS chairman Jim McLaren said the overall aim of the London event was to reinforce the message about what makes Scotch Beef special and to encourage chefs to think more about the meat products they choose.

Promoters QMS also launched a new Scotch Beef steak guide with pictures of prime cuts of meat and detailing the texture, flavour and characteristics of each steak,