Reasons to be cheerful for PLS

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There are three reasons to be pleased with the start of 2015 for Peebles-based professional footwear specialist PLS.

At the start of the year PLS was named as the recommended supplier of the white wellington boots required by the NHS in England and Wales for their emergency planning for Ebola.

This has now been followed by the company achieving Level 2 accreditation for the Labour Standards Assurance Scheme that has introduced new ethical standards throughout the supply chain, particularly within the NHS.

The third piece of good news is that PLS have had their contract to supply hospital footwear to the NHS extended for a further two years to March 2017.

Speaking to confirm the exceptional start to the year director Paul Sewell said: “PLS has been specialising in professional footwear since 2003, but the last two years have seen the turnover grow as more and more hospital trusts are appreciating the value of competitive pricing and fast supply. PLS are now setting their sights on the PPE market with Beeswift to market their products in the Borders.”