Poultry fanciers set for record Peebles show

scots dumpy chicken
scots dumpy chicken

FOLLOWING last year’s record-breaking silver jubilee event, the Peebles Poultry Club Championship Show this Sunday is set yet again to be the largest one-day show of its kind in Scotland.

Staged at the community centre in Walkershaugh in Peebles, it is also one of only two shows in Scotland with Poultry Club of Great Britain championship status and will host breed club events for the Scottish Pekin, Hamburgh, Serama and Scottish Waterfowl Clubs.

The strong entry field is expected to include examples of 50 breeds of poultry, including some 70 Pekin chickens, plus 60 Wyandottes (large and bantam) and 42 Leghorns (both large fowl and bantam).

Some rarer breeds such as Svart Honas, a new Swedish breed aiming for recognition in the UK, will also line up alongside ancient native Scottish breeds, including examples of the Scots Dumpy.

This latter breed existed in Scotland at least 700 years ago, but had come close to extinction by the early part of the 20th century.

It was saved, however, thanks to a dedicated band of Scottish breeders in the 1970s. A truly utility breed, they are good layers, very docile and with wonderful brooding abilities.

Similarly the rare Scots Grey will be represented with 16 birds in attendance. This native breed is dual-purpose, laying both a good amount of white eggs and producing wholesome meat, and are active, hardy, birds that can forage well.

Less rare, but just as captivating, are Frizzles (large and bantam will be on show) with their attractive, curly feathers and 16 Araucanas hens, which lay eye-catching blue or olive green eggs.

Waterfowl generally are more popular this year, with increased entries of geese and larger duck breeds such as Rouens, Campbells, Cayugas, and Muscovys joining the ever-popular Call Ducks and Indian Runners.

Casting their critical eyes over each entry will be an expert panel of specially-invited judges from all over the country, six of whom hold Poultry Club of Great Britain judging qualifications.

There are also some exciting developments including increased prize money and a new piece of silverware for Best Large Marans, taking the grand total of trophies available to be won to 58.

The Marans breed lays beautiful, dark chocolate-brown eggs and are large birds also suitable for the pot.

There are new classes for Belgian Watermael, Black East Indian ducks and Campbell duck breeds and additional egg classes.

Once again the club has received sponsorship from RH Miller and WCF and the WCF Junior Handling classes will see young handlers assessed on their knowledge of poultry keeping and their handling abilities.

The show’s auction will provide a chance to buy stock from leading breeders and exhibitors, with the first lots going under the hammer at 2.15pm.

The show opens to the public from 1pm-3.30pm, with free entry. More information is at www.peeblespoultryclub.co.uk or follow the club on twitter