Positive wool price outlook for 2015

Ian Hartley.
Ian Hartley.

British Wool Marketing Board (BWMB) chief executive officer Ian Hartley says the upcoming wool season will see overall payments to producers at similar levels to the 2014 season, with slight increases within specific types and breeds.

The BWMB’s competitive auction system is a tried and tested method of delivering the best possible wool returns for producers and once again proved itself in 2014, a period of very challenging market conditions with the ever changing currency fluctuations, coupled with the much reported slowdown in economic activity in our major export market, China.

Mr Hartley said: “This is a positive outcome and is the result of the Board’s proactive selling policy, ensuring the best possible prices are achieved.

“Following this strong performance over the last 12 months, and with minimal stock carryover into the new season, the outlook is positive heading into the 2015 season, with demand for all types of wool strong in both the domestic and overseas markets.

The following 2015 guide wool clip values were announced - Cheviot £1.35/kg, Romney £1.30/kg, Texel £1.22/kg, Mule £1.16/kg and Blackface £0.90/kg.

Mr Hartley added: “The Board continues to support the Campaign for Wool (CfW) which generates a global profile and has been hugely influential in driving demand for British wools in a number of emerging markets.

“Our organisation is a tremendous example of collaborative marketing and I urge every sheep farmer to put their weight behind it”.