Personal debt crisis aid offer

BORDERERS who have fallen into debt are being urged to use a Holyrood-backed scheme to get them back in the black.

The tough financial climate has led to a rise in the number of people facing a cash crisis. This week the Scottish government said people falling behind with bills should make use of the Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS).

The scheme freezes all interest, fees and charges so that payments go directly towards paying off the capital that is owed. All debt is consolidated into one manageable monthly payment and face-to-face support is provided by an approved money adviser.

Rosemary Winter-Scott, chief executive of the government agency responsible for DAS explained: “The scheme is about empowering people to face up to their debt before they find themselves looking at an uncertain financial future.

“If the person is eligible for DAS then their adviser will work with them to set up a debt payment programme to be agreed by their creditors. This will allow them to pay back their creditors at a rate they can afford, over a reasonable length of time. We know that many people find it difficult to talk about their financial worries but the worst thing they can do is to ignore their problems. It’s important not to sit in silence”

Details can be obtained at or through the Citizens Advice Bureau.