New health company to launch at Kelso show

Hilary Evans and Sally Gillespie embark on a business venture that sees them giving clients a healthy lifestyle.
Hilary Evans and Sally Gillespie embark on a business venture that sees them giving clients a healthy lifestyle.

Two Kelso women launch their health business, Eartherapies, at the Border Union Show tomorrow (Friday).

Pharmacist Hilary Evans and Southern journalist and personal trainer Sally Gillespie, aim to help people with ‘lifestyle’ ailments such as type II diabetes, heart disease, and strokes, and others become healthier and more active.

Bermudian Hilary explained: “I am a pharmacist who one day realised my biggest contribution to the health of my patients would be for them not to have to take the medications I dish out.

“Healthy food and exercise seemed to be a natural thing to me, so I suddenly wanted to help to prevent and treat those with diseases caused by poor lifestyle choices.

“Through a church in Bermuda, I went to the USA to train to run an intensive 16-session lifestyle course.

“The programme is run worldwide now and the results are phenomenal.

“We want to offer something similar in the Borders.”

She said statistics show 70 per cent of diseases now are lifestyle diseases, which means the vast majority could be prevented.

The 53-year-old continued: “Prevention is better than cure so if we can teach people to live a healthy life: good nutrition, exercise, drinking enough water, doing things in moderation, being outdoors in the fresh air, getting enough sleep, wellbeing, then we could help prevent cases of diabetes, heart disease, strokes, and some cancers. It’s never too late to adopt a healthy lifestyle and the impact of diseases can be modified, in many cases, with some very easy changes.”

Hilary is also an independent prescriber, meaning she manages her own patients in clinics: “I am involved directly with educating people with high blood pressure and diabetes, and those who need to lose weight.

“It is so satisfying to see someone feel better about themselves because of small changes to what they eat or the exercise they do. I get a buzz from helping people and it is so simple to do.

“Motivation is the key to success and I feel I can and do motivate people to change.”

Sally, 49, did a year-long personal trainer diploma in New Zealand in 2000 and has since updated with short outdoors training, padwork and kettlebell courses.

She said: “I’ve been five stone heavier than I am now, and it wasn’t muscle, so I know how it is and hope I can use my experiences to help.

“Finding yummy ways to get the healthy stuff in; avoiding getting a deprivation ‘diet head’ on, and finding a way of moving your body without going ‘yikes that’s exercise’ is key. I think that’s my job in Eartherapies.”

For more information, visit or ring Hilary on 07866 689980. Find Eartherapies in the show’s crafts tent.