Meeting needs of dyslexia sufferers

DYSLEXIA Scotland’s Borders branch meets in Kelso tonight to look at helping people with the condition at school and in the workplace.

The meeting at the Cross Keys Hotel (7pm) is open to everyone affected by the condition.

Branch chairwoman Aileen Orr said: “We hope the meeting will build on our initial approach of just finding how many people in the Borders are affected by dyslexia, for now we can offer practical support. The numbers attending meetings, and the level of correspondence, has shown us there is a real need for understanding about what dyslexia is.

“We have seen this week on TV actress Keira Knightly talk of her approach to her own dyslexia, and with so many personalities revealing their dyslexia, it proves there are few barriers to success to any dyslexic. But not everybody has that confidence or support, and having a dyslexic family myself, this meeting is also about the whole family and taking the stigma out of problems around dyslexia, like difficulties with reading and writing.

“We hope to show what can be achieved with support and understanding, and how some of the myths of dyslexia can be thrown out.”

Dyslexia Scotland’s helpline is 0844 800 84 84 (10am–1pm and 2–4pm).