Medallist Jaymie has an appetite for business

Peebles based sports nutritionlist, Jaymie Mart.
Peebles based sports nutritionlist, Jaymie Mart.

Knowing what it feels like to be at the top of your sport inspired Peebles-based Jaymie Mart to help other athletes reach the medal podium by setting up her own business.

The World Mountain Bike Masters silver medalist (2010) and seven times Scottish Mountain Bike Champion set up Athleat Nutrition earlier this year with help from the local Business Gateway.

The 30-year-old qualified nutritionist, who previously worked as the nutrition and relations manager for the Lucozade Sport Science Team, Jaymie uses her knowledge and expertise to tailor nutritional programmes for sports people and athletes alike to help them reach their full potential.

In just six months she has supported more than 40 individual clients and provided nutrition-based support for athletes training under the umbrella of Scottish Snowsport, Scottish Performance Athletes in School, Scottish Downhill (Mountain Bike) Academy, Scottish Hockey and Scotland’s University for Sporting Excellence athletes.

She has helped one athlete shave three hours off her personal best time in the Austrian Ironman in July and has just started working with the Scottish FA on its Schools of Football project.

Jaymie told us: “To me, an athlete is anyone who is motivated enough to set goals and train – from 5k runners to first team players, international competitors, Commonwealth and Olympic athletes alike. All too often, athletes neglect to fuel and hydrate effectively and overlook the impact a good nutrition strategy can have on training and performance.

“Understanding how food can support training and competition is the first step any sportsperson should take before embarking on an exercise or training regime with the view to achieving a goal. Nutrition supports growth and development; it provides energy for locomotion before, during and after exercise and it can help to support the immune system. Paying attention to nutrition for sport can make the difference between winning and losing and it is one of the easiest areas of performance to underpin.

“Having worked for Lucozade Sport for four years, and after retiring from elite level mountain biking, I decided it was time to set up my own business.

“I found out about Business Gateway at a dinner party. I did four workshops and they were just brilliant. They taught me everything I needed to know and my business adviser, Sandra, just blew me away, she’s so proactive and supportive. As my business grows I’ll continue to use the organisation as it’s an excellent sounding board and guide.”

Sandra is Sandra Campbell, who said: “Being a successful athlete takes determination and skill. You need to have confidence in your own abilities so you can overcome any hurdles that get in your way – exactly the traits needed to start and run your own business.

“When Jaymie came to us she had a great idea but needed to learn the basics of running a company. Having benefited from our extensive workshop programme and working one-to-one with me, I believe she has all the attributes needed to do extremely well in business. ”

Jaymie’s client portfolio now spans the globe; she offers four levels of nutritional assistance for individuals and bespoke packages for teams, sporting bodies, and commercial and educational establishments. Jaymie works remotely over the phone and internet which enables her to speak with clients to fit in with their schedules.

Jaymie added: “You’ve got to take a 360 degree look at a client. They may be athletes but some people also have regular 9-to-5 jobs as well as family or other commitments, so programmes need to take into account every aspect of their lives.

“An athlete is an athlete every day of their life, and what sportspeople often do is just focus on what they are eating just before and after an event when they should be thinking about it all the time.

“I started mountain biking when I was 19 and have won various titles but I know that winning silver last year really came down to implementing what I preach. I’m a testimonyto how eating correctly can help you achieve your sporting goals.”

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