Market prices


At their weekly primestock sale last Wednesday John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 534 hoggs and 151 ewes.

A tail end show of hoggs, good hoggs again easily sold be all store types harder to cash, all in all, all classes easier.

Leading prices per head:- Tex.x:- £100 Ford Westfield, £98 Berryhill, £92 East Fleetham, £89 Newstead, £88.50, £88 Inland Pastures, £88 The Hagg, £87.50 East Fleetham. Suff.x:- £98.50, £92 Brandon, £95 Ford Westfield and Berryhill, £94 Castlelaw, £93.50 Ford Westfield, £93 East Fleetham, £89.50 Newstead. Chev:- £90 Humbleheugh.

Ewes short of buyers’ requirements, many lean types on offer but all classes again very dear.

Leading prices:- Suf:- £143 Edlingham Demesne, £140 East Fleetham. Suff.x:- £129 East Fleetham, £122 Ladykirk, £114 Newstead, £111 Berryhill. Oxf:- £126, £120 East Fleetham. Tex.x;- £125.50 Inland Pastures, £123 Fowberry Moor, £115 Ladykirk, £113 Inland Pastures. Mule:- £102 Primside, £100 Reavley Greens. EC:- £90.50 Edlingham Demesne. BF:- £80 Angryhaugh.

Rams:- Tex.x:- £106 Fowberry Moor.

st boswells

John Swan Ltd sold 103 prime cattle at Monday’s Easter Show and Sale, sponsored by Tarff Valley Feeds.

Judge Mr B. Sweenie, Duns, awarded the champion to M/s Hamilton, Bee Edge, for a Lim.x heifer which scaled 584kgs and sold to £1646 (282p) to M/s W. Taylor (Lockerbie) Ltd. The reserve was a Continental bullock from M/s J.S. Baird and Son, Lurdenlaw, which scaled 528kg and sold to £1372.80 (260p) to the judge.

Class 1, Native bred bullock: 1st, Wester Middleton, weight 596, made 250p to Shaws of Lauder; 2nd, Willowford, weight 612, made 245p to Baird, Melrose.

Class 2, Continental bred bullock: 1st, Lurdenlaw, weight 528, made 260p to M/s Findlay, Wishaw; 2nd, Longnewton, weight 688, made 210p; 3rd, Saltoun Home Farm, weight 566, made 238p to M/s W.T.S. Forsyth and Sons.

Class 3, Native bred heifer: 1st, Willowford, weight 480, made 235p to M/s Tulloch, Paisley; 2nd, Pogbie, weight 538, made 215p to M/s Tulloch, Paisley; 3rd, Lurdenlaw, weight 622, made 235p to Baird, Melrose.

Class 4, Cointinental bred heifer: 1st, Bee Edge, weight 584, made 282p to M/s Taylor (Lockerbie); 2nd, Bee Edge, weight 550, made 251p to M/s Taylor (Lockerbie); 3rd, Lurdenlaw, weight 508, made 240p to M/s Findlay, Wishaw.

Class 5, Bullock bred by exhibitor: 1st, Upper Nisbet, weight 628, made 236p to M/s J.A. Waters, Selkirk; 2nd, Wester Middleton, weight 574, made 238p, to M/s Findlay, Wishaw; 3rd, Mosstower, weight 554, made 239p to Malone of Edinburgh.

Class 6, Heifer bred by exhibitor: 1st, Wester Ulston, weight 526, made 247p to M/s W.T.S. Forsyth and Sons; 2nd, Mosstower, weight 554, made 241p to Malone of Edinburgh; 3rd, Shidlaw, weight 582, made 226p to M/s Taylor (Lockerbie).

At their primestock sale John Swan Ltd sold 103 clean cattle, six OTM cattle, 23 beef cows, 1,789 old season lambs and 215 ewes.

Bullocks (43) averaged 219.5p per kg and sold to 260p (+9.5p on week), heifers (58) averaged 220.2p per kg and sold to p (+8.7p on week), two young bulls sold to 153p (n/c on the week), six OTM Cattle averaged 166p and sold to 179p (+3.0p on the week) and 23 beef type cows averaged 121.2p per kg and sold to 163p (n/c on the week).

Old season lambs averaged 1.87p per kg (-6p on the week) SQQ 196P and sold to £116, top price 220p per kg for Texel ewes averaged £74.48, and sold to £120 for Texel. Heavy ewes averaged £80.18; Light ewes sold to £110 for Chev and averaged £66.53.

Principal prices: Hoggs per head - Tex;- £116 The Lee, £100 Lurdenlaw, £98 Traprain, Suff.x;- £110, £97 Lurdenlaw, £95.50, £95 Boghall (St Andrews), £95 West Mains L, Chev;- £99.50 Soutra, £97.50, £97 Lurdenlaw, £94 Woodside, Rom;- £89, £85 Towford, BF;- £96.50, £80 Craig Douglas, £80 Hartside, Chev.x;- £84 Coxydene, £80 Bedrule, Char;- £83 Thornington, CM;- £80 Gilston, Zwa;- £80 Traprain, Rye;- £79 Ashley Park, SM;- £78, £75 West Blanerne.

Cast ewes: Tex;- £120 The Lee, £110 West Mains L, £108 Hartside and Cockburn, Suff.x;- £114 Satchells, £110 Middlehope, Roxburgh Mains and Birkenside, £105 Stagehall, £104 Cockburn, Chev;- £110, £103 Stagehall, £108 Soutra, £100 West Mains L, Rom;- £95 Towford, BF;- £70 Coxydene, SM;- £101 Satchells, £98 Coxydene, £97 The Lee, £96 West Mains L, £95 Cockburn.Rams: Suff;- £92 Bowland Est.

Border Livestock exchange

Border Livestock Exchange Ltd to week ending Friday, March 27, sold 197 prime cattle, 461 cast cows, 1,091 prime yhoggs, 394 cast ewes, 630 store hoggs, 240 ewes with lambs and 510 store and breeding cattle.

Prime cattle were slightly easier on the week with Aberdeen Angus cross from South Farm, Matfen, selling to 380p per kilo to Well Hung and Tender, Berwick.

Continental cross steers from Hill Top East sold to average £1,617 for 18 months old. Cast cows were similar with more forward selling to 260p and £1,089 for dairy kinds.

Store hoggs sold well for the time of year selling to £70 for Texel and Suffolk Cross. Ewes with lambs at foot sold to £65 per life for 4/5 crop Suffolk cross ewes with twin lambs at foot (£195 per outfit).


The Cumberland andDumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc had forward 16 prime cattle, two young bulls, 12 OTM cattle, 8,203 prime hoggs and 3,434 cast ewes and rams at their weekly sale at Longtown last Thursday.

The Easter show of prime cattle, bulls and OTM cattle was sponsored by Country Commercial Insurance Brokers and judged by Steven Wilson, Butcher, Corby Hill, Carlisle, who awarded the Championship to a Limousin heifer from A.E. Fawkes and Sons, Welton Farm, which weighed 620 kilos and was purchased by the judge for 219.5p (£1,360.90).

Another large show of 8,203 prime hoggs averaged 188.1p per kilo overall. However, a much larger show of heavy hoggs were forward, 20p per kilo steadier on the week.