Market Prices

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At their weekly primestock sale John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 517 hoggs and 212 ewes.

Hogg numbers tighter and quality lacking due to the tail end lots forward, fleshy good types easily cashed.

Leading prices per head:- Tex.x:- £110 Black Heddon, £107.50 Ford Westfield, £105.50 Kimmerston and Black Heddon, £102.50 Black Heddon, £95.50 Todrig, £94.50, £93.50 Ford Westfield. Suff.x:- £105.50 Castlelaw and Brandon, £105 Shipley Lane, £102.50 Ford Westfield, £98 Brandon, £97.50 Ford Westfield. Mule:- £95 Ladykirk. Ven:- £93 North Lyham.

Leading prices per kilo:- Chev:- 216.7p South Ord, 206.8p, 206.6p Shotton. Tex.x:- 214.6p Netherton Northside, 214.1p Yetlington Lane, 213.2p Shotton, 209.8p Newstead, 207.9p Ladykirk, 207.5p Kimmerston, 206.4p Newstead, 205.4p, 205.3p, 204.8p, 204p Ladykirk, 204p Shipley Smallburns. Ven:- 213.4p North Lyham. Suff.x:- 202.6p Ladykirk, 200p Todrig. Mule:- 195.4p Ladykirk, 193.4p Moorlaws, 192.5p Cold Martin.

Ewes again a mixed show, but when will it end again a flier to average £96.33.

Leading prices:- Suff:- £150 Shipley Lane. Suff.x:- £130 Shipley Lane, £128.50 West Newbiggin, £119.50 Todrig, £117 Shipley Lane, £110 Newstead. Tex.x:- £122 Todrig, £120 West Rennington, £114 Netherton Northside, £110 West Rennington. Mule:- £110 Shipley Lane and Todrig, £109.50 West Newbiggin. HB:- £106 North Lyham. BF:- £84, £83 Lilburn Estates.

Rams:- Tex:- £135 Shipley Lane, Oxf:- £129 Netherton Northside.

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At their weekly Primestock sale on Monday John Swan Ltd sold 95 clean cattle, four OTM cattle, 50 beef cows, 2,113 old season lambs and 268 ewes.

Bullocks (28) averaged 217.7p per kg and sold to 244p (+8.8p on week), heifers (66) averaged 214.5p per kg and sold to 250p (-5.7p on week), one young bull sold to 151p (n/c on the week), four OTM cattle averaged 135.9p and sold to 173p (n/c on the week) and 50 beef type cows averaged 133.2p per kg and sold to 166p (-2.0p on the week).

Old season lambs averaged 200p per kg (-1p on the week), SQQ 209p, £89.01 per head and sold to £112, top price 232p per kg for Texel.

Ewes averaged £71.71, and sold to £129 for Suffolk.

Heavy ewes averaged £90.01 while light ewes sold to £101 for Chev and averaged £55.77.

Principal prices per head: Dunslaw £1480.44, £1431; Bee Edge £1469.10, £1449, £1430; Shidlaw £1439.48

Principal prices per kg: Bee Edge 2.50, 2.48 Border Meats, 2.49 M/s J. Cockburn and Son; Lurdenlaw 2.44 M/s W.T.S. Forsyth and Sons, 2.40 M/s R. Pringle,Hwk. 2.30 Shaws of Lauder; Traprain 2.40 Linton Butchers; Inland Pastures 2.39 Shaws of Lauder; Upper Nisbet 2.36 Malone of Edinburgh; Saltoun Home Farm 2.35 M/s J. Gilmour and Co Ltd; Hexpath 2.35 M/s J.F. Findlay and Co Ltd; Dunslaw 2.34 Malone of Edinburgh; Shidlaw 2.33 M/s W.T.S. Forsyth and Sons; Thirlestane 2.32 Malone of Edinburgh; Easter Howlaws 2.32 Malone of Edinburgh, 2.31 M/s J.F. Findlay and Co Ltd.

OTM cattle: Mount Lothian £1308.20 (1.55), £1162.56 (1.73); Sanson Seal £1083.88 (.98); Stoneypath £1005.58 (1.37).

Cows per head: Kersknowe £1417, £1309.24; Mount Lothian £1308.20, £1162.56; Upper Blainslie £1218.30; Bonjedward Mill £1212.20; Thirlestane £1211.02, £1082.30; Headshaw. L £1147.56, £1143.04; Muircleugh £1120.98; Rumbleton £1099.62; Stoneypath £1088.10; Sanson Seal £1083.88; Gospelhall £1067.20.

Lambs per head: Suff.x;- £112, £104.50 Bonjedward Mill, £109 Lurdenlaw, £102, £100.50 Boghall (St Andrews), Tex;- £111, £109 North Synton, £105 Chesters Brae, £100.50 Lurdenlaw, CM;- £104, £90 Gilston, Chev;- £101 Gospelhall, £100 North Synton, £98 Lurdenlaw, £96 Gilston, Bel;- £100 Hartside, £86.50 Lylestane, Char;- £90.50 Woodhouse, £89.50 Dunslaw, High;- £91, £89.50 Unthank, SM;- £87.50 Boghall (St Andrews), £85 Swinnie, £80 Stoneypath, Rye;- £86.50 Woodlands, ML;- £86, £84 Whitmuir, Zwa;- £84 Wormerlaw, BF;- £74 Aikeyside, £73 Stoneypath.

Ewes: Suff;- £129 Byrecleugh (P), £115 Torwoodlee Mains. Tex;- £122, £111 Belmont, £120 Lower Ashtrees, £120, £111 Mid Edrom, Suff.x;- £120 Berryhill, £117 Mid Edrom, £120, £107 Springhouse, SM;- £111 Belmont, £109 Meigle, £103 Bonjedward Mill, HB;- £115 Bonjedward Mill, Chev;- £101 Torwoodlee, £100, £95 Gospelhall, CM;- £99 Torwoodlee, BFL;- £95 Hartside, ML;- £87 Whitmuir, Zwar;- £85 Wormerlaw, BF;- £83 Meigle, £82 Aikeyside, £81 Stoneypath.

Rams: Tex;- £108 Broadmeadows, £102 Boghall, Suff;- £98 Byrecleugh (P), £90 Meigle, Chev;- £82 Borthwickshiels.

During the week ending Friday, March 13, Border Livestock Exchange Ltd sold 182 prime cattle, 47 cows, 1,180 prime sheep, 310 cast ewes, 605 store hoggs, 260 breeding sheep and 380 store and breeding cattle.

On farm sales of store cattle were again immense with two consignments of over 100 head in each single transaction.

Prime stock was similar with export weight sheep showing a rise in value even with the difficult currency exchange. Heavy Lleyn hoggs from Penicuik sold to £68 per head. Export weights to 420p per kg.

Breeding cattle of only the best quality were good to sell with heifers and calves to £2,400 and regular aged cows and calves to £2,100.

Pure bred Limousin cows from Bowsden Moor to £1,780 per head.


The Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc had forward 25 prime cattle, one young bull, 21 OTM cattle, 6,672 prime hoggs and 3,600 cast ewes and rams at their weekly sale last Thursday.

A larger show of cattle was presented to a good ringside of buyers, trade for OTM cattle extremely good.

Clean cattle were slightly cheaper on the week but very much in line with the national trend.

There were 6,672 prime hoggs forward, averaging 203p per kilo (SQQ 207p).