Market Prices


At Wooler Livestock Centre last Wednesday John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 1567 lambs and 310 ewes.

In spec lambs dearer, well in advance of early market trades, heavy weights very similar.

Leading Prices Per Head:- Bel:- £80 Henlaw, £74.50 Edlingham Demesne, £73.50 Yetlington Lane, £72 (2) Ladykirk, £71 Lilburn Estates, £70.50 Henlaw and Lilburn Estates. Tex.:- £79 South Ditchburn, £77, £74.50 (2) Cockhall, £73 Wandon, £72 Auchencrow Mains, Springhill, Seahouses, South Charlton, Greenhead, Reston and Cockhall, £71.50 Auchencrow Mains, £71 Springhill, Seahouses and Yetlington Lane. Suff.x:- £75.50 Auchencrow Mains, £75 Castlelaw, £72 Springhill, Seahouses, £71.50 Brockley Hall, £70 Mindrum and Craigshouse, £69.50 Shotton, Castlelaw, Auchencrow Mains (2), Springhill, Seahouses and Low Middleton. Chev:- £68.50 South Charlton, £68 South Charlton (M Hall). CHM:- £69 Wandon, £66.50 Great Ryle (2). Zwa:- £76.50 Mindrum. Ven:- £66 Craigshouse. Leading Prices Per Kilo:- Bel:- 200p Henlaw, 191p Edlingham Demesne, 185.5p Lilburn Estates, 179.3p Yetlington Lane, 175.6p (2) Ladykirk. Tex.x:- 183.3p, 177.4p, 171.4p Cockhall, 170.7p Lorbottle, 170p Shipley Smallburn, 169.1p Yetlington Lane, 167.4p South Charlton, 166.5p Henlaw, 166.3p Edlingham Demesne, 165.9p Wandon, 165.5p Village Farm, 165.1p Springhill, Seahouses, 165p Lilburn Estates. Suff.x:- 157.1p Biddlestone Home Farm, 156p Lilburn Estates, 153.5p Shipley Lane and Doune Brae, 153.4p Lilburn Estates. Chev:- 157.1p Great Ryle, 153.5p (2) South Charlton. CHM:- 154.7p Great Ryle.

Ewe trade very similar and excellent for this time of year.

Leading Prices:- Tex.:- £100 Ladykirk, £97 Alnham, £83 Ladykirk, £81 Low Middleton, £75 Charlton Mires and Ladykirk, £73 Lorbottle, £71 Amerside Law and Ladykirk. Suff.x:- £87 Charlton Mires, £85 Castlelaw, £83 Pallinsburn, £77 Low Middleton, £75 Great Ryle and Lorbottle. Chev:- £87 Alnham, £67 Hethpool, £63 South Charlton. Mule:- £71 Brockley Hall, £69 Pallinsburn, Castlelaw and Charlton Mires, £63 Low Middleton and Cockhall. BF:- £57, £47 Alwinton Farm. Swa:- £41 Charlton Mires.

St Boswells

At their weekly primestock sale on Monday John Swan Ltd sold 72 clean cattle, 60 OTM cattle, 2095 new season lambs and 966 ewes.

Bullocks (30) averaged 221p per kg and sold to 242p (+0.7p on week), heifers (42) averaged 217p per kg and sold to 245p (n/c on week) and 60 beef type OTM cattle averaged 124.9p per kg and sold to 197p (+6.9p on the week).

New season lambs averaged 159.4p per kg (+2.7p on the week) and sold to £93, top price 196.3p per kg for Beltex

Ewes averaged £53.65, and sold to £100 for a Texel Ram. Heavy ewes averaged £64 while ight ewes sold to £77 for Cheviots and averaged £41.

Principal prices per head: Woodhead. A £1561.76; Upper Nisbet £1449.60, £1417.26; Bee Edge £1432.76, £1421.

Principal prices per kg: Bee Edge 2.45 Shaws of Lauder, 2.40 (2) W. Taylor (Lockerbie), 2.38 (2) Malone of Edinburgh; Upper Nisbet 2.42 M/s W.T.S. Forsyth and Sons, 2.40 M/s Moor, 2.387 (2) M/s W.T.S. Forsyth and Sons and Shaws of Lauder; Woodhead. A 2.36 M/s J. Saunderson, 2.34 M/s W.T.S. Forsyth and Sons, 2.27 M/S J.A. Waters and Sons; Snawdon 2.32 J.F. Finlay and Co Ltd, 2.28 Malone of Edinburgh; New Channelkirk 2.27 Shaws of Lauder; Cauldshiel 2.27 Gosford Bothy Shop.

Bulls: Willowford £1237.68 (1.91); Cauldshiel £1166 (1.00p).

Cows per head: Queenscairn £1465.68, £1034.28; Hyndsidehill £1260.16, £1223.54, £1021.80; Fens £1141.14; Stouslie £1080.18; Hamildean £1079.70; Shoestanes £1071.20; Thirlestane £1043.94, £1038.46; Clarence House £1036.80; 5 Lamberton £1023.04; Ecclaw £995.60.

Cows per kg: Queenscairn 1.97; Hamildean 1.83; Willowford 1.80; Hyndsidehill 1.79, 1.33, 1.31; Stouslie 1.53; Fens 1.43, 1.35; Honeyburn 1.40; 5 Lamberton 1.39; Thirlestane 1.37(2); Clarence House 1.35; Ecclaw 1.31.

Lambs per head: Bel.x;- £93 Sydenham, £85, £83 Crookston, £82 Craigsford Mains, Tex;- £92.50 Boon, £90 Huntington, £85, £84 St Leonards, Suff.x;- £90 Huntington, £82 St Leonards, £80.50 Hermiston, Char.x;- £72 Mansefield, £70.50 Ladyflat, CM;- £72 Gospelhall, £68.50 Hawthornside, £68 Gilston.

Lambs per kg: Bel;- Bel.x;- 196.3, 191.7 Sydenham, 194.9, 193 Crookston, 187.5 Threeburnford, Tex;- 190.50, 186.1 Applecross, 185.9 Lighthouse, Orkney, Suff.x;- 181.4 Muirhouse, 176.8 Lighthouse, Orkney, 170.3 Castleside, CM;- 161.9 Gilston, 159, 159.8 Wedderlie, Char.x;- 164 Ladyflat, Chev.x;- 161 Wedderlie.

Ewes: Tex;- £97, £90 Corsbie, £90 Rawburn, £80 Lighthouse, Orkney and Calaburn, Suff.x;- £83 Newton Hwk., 81 Legerwood, £80 Brotherstone, HB;- £79 Smailholm Mains, Chev;- £77 Upper Huntlywood, £67 Stagehall, SM;- £67 Bonjedward Mill and Haystoun, £65 Corsbie and Sorrowlessfield, Newton Hwk. and Greenend, CM;- £65 Hamildean Mill, Suff;- £61, £60 Brotherstone, Lleyn;- £54 Brotherstone, BF;- £49 Edston, £45 Burncastle, £43 Bowland.

Rams: Tex;- £100 Rawburn, £98 Upper Huntlywood, Suff;- £97 Brotherstone, BFL;- £68 Newbigging Walls.


The Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc had forward 38 prime cattle, five young bulls, 24 over 30 month cattle, 4,587 prime lambs and 4,897 cast ewes and rams at their weekly sale at Longtown last Thursday.

More prime cattle coming forward and plenty of keen bidders ensured trade would be slightly up on the week.

Top price to 220.5p for a Charolais heifer shown by T. Armstrong and Son, Sceughdyke. Limousin heifers to 219.5p sold by W. and W. Faulder, Houghton House.

Prime bulls sold to 203.5p for Charolais from Enzieholm.

A plain show of cows on offer and flesh cows short of requirements. Trade was on a par with other centres around the country. The sale was topped at 159.5p for a Limousin from Messrs Ritson, Swaites.

A similar show of 4,587 prime lambs forward to the usual full ring of buyers saw an overall average of 155.5p per kilo (SQQ 159p), which was almost 10p up on the week. A shortage of export weight and light weight lambs, with a large show of heavy lambs forward.

Top price of £100 per head and 244p per kilo for Texels from Ainstable Hall.

Another grand show of 4,897 cast ewes and rams were forward to our usual ring of buyers, with heavy ewes similar and light ewes £3 to £4 up on the week.

Top price of £158 for a Texel ram from Watch Hillside.

Heavy ewes to £148 for Texels from Baltier, hill ewes to £76 for Lleyn from Ellemford.

border livestock

Last week Border Livestock sold 141 prime cattle including 41 cows, 2,961 prime sheep including 391 cast ewes, 184 store cattle and 1,240 store and breeding sheep.

Aberdeen Angus cross steers from South Farm sold to 390p per kg to Well Hung and Tender, Berwick. Continental cross steers sold to 380p per kg with Limousin cross heifers to 386p per kg. Cull cows continue to sell well with heavy pure bred cows reaching £1,420.

Lamb trade continues at a similar level with the lighter type lambs easier to sell.

All classes of store lambs have been selling extremely well, often to regular buyers.

The store cattle demand is a similar situation with strong forward kinds selling to £1,200 per head.