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In conjunction with the weekly primestock sale at Wooler last Wednesday, the Border Suffolk Club held a Show and Sale, kindly sponsored by The Border Suffolk Club, and kindly organised by Caroline Nelson of Trows Cottages and expertly judged by Mr J. Curle, Norwood, Bowsden.

The Championship was awarded to G. Snaith, Biddlestone Home Farm, for a pen of Suffolk.x lambs out of Cheviots weighing 44kg and selling at £72 to the judge Mr J. Curle. The Reserve Championship was awarded to Messrs T. Stafford Esq, Shipley Lane, for a pen of Suffolk.x lambs weighing 45kg and selling at £72 also to the judge.

A kind thank you is circulated to everyone involved.

John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 1,104 lambs and 397 ewes and rams.

Leading prices per head:- Bel:- £85, £75, £73 Henlaw. Tex.x:- £75 Lorbottle and Branton Eastside, £73.50 (2) Lickar Moor, £73 Wandon and Lilburn Estates, £72, £71.50 (2) Wandon, £70 Ross Farm, Kettleburn, Ladykirk and Lilburn Estates. Suff.x:- £75 (2), Branton Eastside and Branton Eastside (J. Elliot), £72 Shipley Lane and Biddlestone Home Farm, £70 West Longridge, Lorbottle, Ross Farm and Ladykirk. Chv:- £68 Biddlestone Home Farm. Cha:- £74, £70 Auchencrow Mains. Mule:- £65 Branton, Eastside.

Leading prices per kilo:- Bel:- 207.3p, 187.5p Henlaw, 175p Lorbottle, 173.8p Henlaw. Tex.x:- 171.6p Lilburn Estates, 165.8p Ladykirk, 164.6p Cockhall, 163.2p Linbrig, 162.8p Lilburn Estates, 162.5p Yetlington Lane, 162.2p Lilburn Estates and Cockhall. Suff.x:- 166.7p Ladykirk, 163.6p Biddlestone Home Farm, 162.5p Ladykirk, 160p Shipley Lane. Cha:- 164.4p Auchencrow Mains.

Ewes sold well at late rates.

Leading prices:- BFL:- £93 Branton Eastside (J Elliot) , £87 Branton Eastside. Suff.x:- £92 Lickar Moor, £78.50, £77 Brackenside, £72.50 Kettleburn, £70 Cockhall, £69 Cresswell Farms and Todrig. Tex.x:- £87 Amerside Law, £84.50 Hepburn Farms, £79 Cresswell Farms and Cockhall, £74 Cockhall, £72 Hepburn Farms, £70 Cresswell Farms. Mule:- £65 Cresswell Farms, £63.50 Brackenside, £62 Lilburn Estates and Cockhall, £60 Todrig. Chev:- £61 Biddlestone Home Farm. CHM:- £76, £73 South Charlton. BF:- £53.50 Branton Eastside.

Rams:- £85 Amerside Law.

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At their Primestock sale on Monday John Swan Ltd sold 92 clean cattle, 57 OTM cattle, 1,516 new season lambs and 980 ewes.

Bullocks (27) averaged 218.9p per kg and sold to 240p (+4.6p on week), heifers (61) averaged 219.2 p per kg and sold to 242p (+4.7p on week), four young bulls averaged 148.2p per kg sold to 207p (n/c on week) and 57 beef type OTM cattle averaged 128.5p per kg and sold to 197p (+3.8p on the week).

New season lambs averaged 152p per kg (+4p on the week) and sold to £87, top price 205p per kg for Beltex. Ewes averaged £49.13, and sold to £97 for Charolais. Heavy ewes averaged £54 and Light ewes sold to 60£ for Lleyn and averaged £39.42.

Principal prices per head: Todshawhaugh £1463.28; Lurdenlaw £1444.80, £1413.72; Willowford £1426.36; Bee Edge £1412.26.

Principal prices per kg: Bee Edge 2.42 Shaws of Lauder, 2.41, 2.36 W Taylor (Lockerbie); Wester Ulston 2.40 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons; Lurdenlaw 2.39 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons, 2.38 (2) M/s Moor and M/s J Gilmour and Co Ltd; Longnewton 2.38 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons; Woodhead. A 2.37, 2.34 M/s J Gilmour and Co Ltd, 2.32 Forth Meat Supplies; Sourhope 2.35 Linton Butchers; Haltree 2.34 W Taylor (Lockerbie); Lennoxlove 2.34 M/s Moor.

Bulls: Harehead £1238.06 (1.03).

Cows per head: Lustruther £1351.42; Gateshaw £1123.44, £995.38, £984.96, £974.16; Kirkton £1087.04, £1043, £1036.20, £978.56; Dalkeith Home Farm £1075.86, £1024.42; Easter Middleton £1074.60; Queenscairn £1068.96; Greenknowe £960.12; Bankhouse £953.52.

Cows per kg: Lustruther 1.97; Minto Kames 1.89; Greenknowe 1.89; Gateshaw 1.71, 1.64, , 1.57, 1055, 1.51, 1.45, 1.41, 1.39; Kirkton 1.58, 1.57, 1.49; Dalkeith Home Farm 1.39.

Lambs per head: Tex;- £87, £83, £80 Huntington, £84, £77 Crumhaughhill, £78 Threepwood, Suff.x;- £84 Huntington, £74 Burnhouse Mains, £73 Brotherstone, £72 Craighouse, Bel;- £80.50 Crookston, £79.50 Craigsford Mains, £78.50 Threepwood, £76 Bow, Suff;- £73 Roxburgh Mains, CM;- £68 Blegbie, £63 Gilston, Mule;- £63 Threeburnford, Chev;- £64.50 Crailinghall.

Lambs per kg: Bel;- 2.05 Bow, 1.91, 1.65 Crookston, 1.66 Craighouse, Tex;- 1.75 Bow and Crookston, 1.71 Eildon Mains, Suff.x;- 1.68 Huntington, 1.63 Heriot Mill, 1.62 Ruletownhead.

Ewes: Tex;- £83 Corsbie, £75 Burnhouse Mains, £75, £71 Hyndsidehill, £71 Greenhead. S, Suff;- £77 Spotsmains, £75 Preston, £75 Corsbie, £71 Brotherstone, £67 Craighouse, CM;- £73 Hyndsidehill, £65 Yarlside, £63 Lylestane, Chev;- £61 Clifton on Bowmont, £59 Upper Chatto, Mule;- £61 Kaeside, £57 Corsbie, £55 Upper Chatto, Lleyn;- £60 Oxnam Est., £55 Brotherstone.

Rams: Char;- £97 Upper Chatto; Tex;- £90 Drinkstone, Suff;- £80 Spotsmains; BL;- £74 Spotsmains.


The Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc had forward 38 prime cattle, six young bulls, 14 over 30 month cattle, 5,093 prime lambs and 8,404 cast ewes and rams at their weekly sale at Longtown last Thursday.

More cattle on offer with quality sorts hard to come by but trade was very similar to the last couple of weeks.

Top price to 225.5p, twice, firstly for a Limousin bullock from A. and W.J. Taylor and Son, Dashwellgreen, purchased by Mr John Little, then for a Limousin heifer from the same home, this time purchased by Border Meats, Butchers, Lockerbie.

Prime bulls sold a shade easier on the week, topping at 185.5p for a Limousin from R.M. and P. Armstrong, Slealands. A plainer show of cast cows saw averages less but poorer quality on offer. Topping the sale at 163.5p for a Limousin cow from W.H. and D.A. Gass, Nunscleugh.

A larger show of 5,093 prime lambs forward to an increased ring of buyers saw an overall average of 155.4p per kilo (SQQ 158p).