Market Prices


At their weekly sale of primestock last Wednesday John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 1,010 new season lambs, seven hoggs and young sheep and 221 ewes and rams.

Lambs numbers similar but all classes easier as nationwide.

New season lambs, leading prices per head:- Tex:- £92 Islay Hill, £90.50p Wandon, £90 Great Ryle, Wandon, Auchencrow Mains, Reston Hill and Islay Hill, £88 Chesterhill, Lorbottle and Shotton, £87.50p Shipley Lane, £87 Ross Farm and Shotton. Sfx:- £92 Shipley Lane, £88 Shipley Lane, Reavley and Reston Hill, £86.50p Wandon. Bel.x:- £89 Reavley, £88.50p Ladykirk, £87.50p Chillingham Home Farm and Ladykirk. Char:- £86 Wandon.

New season lambs, leading prices per kilo:- Bel.x:- 233.3p, 224.3p, 219.4p, 218.8p Chillingham Home Farm, 228.4p, 212.5p Ladykirk, 211.9p Reavley. Tex:- 215.5p Wandon, 215.4p Fowberry Moor, 214p Islay Hill, 212.5p Village Farm, Seahouses and Reavley, 212.2p (2) Fowberry Moor, 210p West Longridge. Char:- 209.8p Wandon. Sfx:- 206.1p Shipley Lane, 205.1p Titlington Mount and Kettleburn.

Hoggs and young sheep sold to £82 Reavley.

Ewes, everything on a par on the week. Leading prices:- Tex:- £120, 8 Lamberton Holdings, £93 Hepburn Farms, £90, £86 Lorbottle. Sfx:- £93 Lilburn Estates and Middle Ord (2), £91 Mayfield, £90 Reavley and Middle Ord. £89 Shipley Lane, £88, 8 Lamberton Holdings. Mule:- £81 Mayfield and Hepburn Farms, £79 Middle Ord.

Rams:- Tex:- £119 Pasture Hill.

st boswells

At their weekly primestock sale on Monday John Swan Ltd sold 75 clean cattle, 57 OTM cattle, 1,821 new season lambs and 274 ewes.

Bullocks (21) averaged 207.6p per kg and sold to 235p (+2.6p on week), heifers (50) averaged 209.9p per kg and sold to 240p (+0.6p on week), 57 beef type OTM cattle averaged 135.4p per kg and sold to 173p (+10.8p on the week) and four young bulls averaged 172.2 and sold to 1.88p (n/c on week).

The 1,821 new season lambs averaged 1.86p per kg (-27p on the week) and sold to £110, top price 217p per kg for Texel while the 274 ewes averaged £72.45, and sold to £116 for Texel.

Heavy ewes averaged £74.40 and light ewes sold to £79 for Lleyn and averaged £63.85.

Principal prices per head: Longnewton £1446.90; Bee Edge £1400.60, £1392.40, £1381.80; Butchercote £1361.04.

Principal prices per kg: Bee Edge 2.40 W Taylor (Lockerbie), 2.36, 2.35, 2.24 Shaws Butcher, Lauder, 2.35 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons, 2.34 Robert Wilson Butcher, Edin; Caverton Mill 2.32 Denholm Meat Supplies 2.25(2) M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons and M/s J Gilmour and Co Ltd; Lurdenlaw 2.27 M/s J Saunderson, 2.19 Wales Ltd Butchers, Kilmarnock; Mosstower 2.27 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons, 2.23 M/s J Gilmour and Co Ltd; Huntington 2.26 D Scott, Butchers, Berwick, 2.323 JF Finlay and Co Ltd; Upper Hundalee 2.20 M/s J Gilmour and Co Ltd.

Cows per head: Kersknowe £1396.02, £1187.22, £1147.30; Grahamslaw £1192.62; Gateshaw £1134.48, £110.80, £1023, £1022.02, £991.98, £976.14, £960.84; Brothershiels £1111.56 Philiphaugh £1034.10, £992.20; Shidlaw £982.26; Greenknowe £958.42.

Cows per kg: Greenknowe 1.73 1.58, 1.64, 1.53; Gateshaw 1.67, 1.65, 1.63, 1.61, 1.59, 1.57, 1.55; Kersknowe 1.59; Brothershiels 1.57.

New season lambs per head: Tex;- £110 Edrom Mains, £100 Lower Ashtrees and St Leonards, £95 Upper Tofts, £94 Wester Ulston, £93, £92 Mid Edrom, £90 Hume Orchard, Huntington, Threepwood and Edrom Mains, Suff.x;- £100 Thornington and Crookston, £96 St Leonards, £95 Crookston and Corsbie, £90 Huntington and Redheugh, Bel;- £81.50 Craighouse, Char;- £80.50 Falsidehill, HB;- £78 Stobshiel.

New season lambs per kg:- Tex;- 217.4, 207.7 Lower Ashtrees, 209.3 Huntington, 208.3 St Leonards, 204.4 Mid Edrom, 203.7 Edrom Mains, 202.7 Upper Tofts, Suff.x;- 204.6 Huntington, 204.1 Thornington, 202.4 Stoneypath, 200 St Leonards, Char;- 187.2 Falsidehill, Bel;- 198.7 Faughhill, 193.6 Wester Deans, HB;- 185 Stobshiel, 183.8 Haltree.

Hoggs: sold to £101 Charterhouse. Young sheep: sold to £105 Charterhouse.

Ewes: Tex;- £116 Charterhouse, £105 Grahamslaw and Brotherston, £103 Shoestanes, £95 Lochside, £92 Headshaw. L and Craigsford Mains, Suff.x;- £99 Headshaw. L, £92 Craigsford Mains, £90 Faughhill, Suff;- £100 Marvingston and Smailholm Mains, HB;- £89 Haltree, £80 Marvingston, The Whitehouse and Swinside, CM;- £78 Faughhill, Chev;- £77 Whitehill, Shoestanes, £74 Shoestanes, £70 The Whitehouse and Swinside, BL;- £70 Brunt Court, Mule;- £76 Grahamslaw, and Greenend, £75 Drumreach, £71 Shoestanes, Lleyn;- £79 Brotherstone, £76 Lustruther, BF;- £61 Stoneypath. Rams: Suff;- £100 Shoestanes, Tex;- £90 Headshaw. L.


The Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc had forward 17 prime cattle, 12 over 30 month cattle, 2,688 prime lambs and 3,858 cast ewes and rams at their weekly sale at Longtown last Thursday.

Less prime cattle forward meeting a good trade again and more needed. Top price to 220.5p for a Limousin heifer shown by Messrs A. and W.J. Taylor and Son, Dashwellgreen, purchased by Border Meats, Butchers, Lockerbie. Limousin bullocks topped at 217.5p again from Messrs Taylor and again purchased by Border Meats.

Some better meat cows on offer and trade was again buoyant. Top price to 143.5p for a Limousin shown by Messrs A. and A. Ewing, Dumbretton.

A similar show of 2,688 prime lambs sold to an average of 197p per kilo. All lambs sold easily although at a lesser trade in line with the whole country this week as more numbers come forward everywhere and demand not so fast, owing mainly to Ramadam. Top of 256p per kilo for Texels from Messrs Hutton, How Farm and to £119 per head for Texels from Messrs Dawson, Colinton Mains.

Another good show of 3,858 cast ewes and rams saw all classes get dearer as the sale went on.