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Champion pair of prime spring lambs from J Marshall, Hermitage, with judge Stephen Stoddart' 'Champion Single Lamb from Robert Brough, Old Rectory with judge Stephen Stoddart
Champion pair of prime spring lambs from J Marshall, Hermitage, with judge Stephen Stoddart' 'Champion Single Lamb from Robert Brough, Old Rectory with judge Stephen Stoddart
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At their fortnightly store sale last Tuesday John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 147 cattle.

A slightly plainer show and with deflating beef market all classes a touch harder to cash.

Leading prices per head - Steers- Sim.x:- £1070 Alnham. Lim.x:- £1050 Ladykirk, £940, £930 Brockley Hall, £910 Wandon. A.A.x:- £1000, £990, £980 South Lyham, £960 Birchwood Hall, £950 Whitemire, £930, £900 (2) South Lyham.

Leading prices per head - Heifers- A.A.x:- £1080 South Lyham, £890 South Lyham and Doxford Dairy, £870 Birchwood Hall, £860 South Lyham. Char:- £950 Birchwood Hall, £950, £920, £900, £890, £860 Elilaw. Lim.x:- £930 Wandon, £870 Brockley Hall, £865 Birchwood Hall.

Leading prices per kilo - Steers- Lim.x:- 249.3p Brockley Hall and Wandon, 238.7p Shotton. Sim.x:- 249.3p, 246.8p Shotton. A.A.x:- 246.2p Wandon, 237p Birchwood Hall. Char.x:- 235.1p Fawdon Farms.

Leading prices per kilo - Heifers- Lim.x:- 238.5p Wandon, 232p Shotton, 223.5p Fawdon Farms. Char.x:- 229p, 223.8p Fawdon Farms, 226p, 223.3p 221.3p, 220p Elilaw.

At their weekly sale of primestock last Wednesday John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 73 hoggs and 40 ewes.

Less numbers available with less flesh on show.

Leading prices per head:- Tex.x:- £98.50 East Fleetham, £89 West Newbiggin Farm Cottages, £80 Kimmerston and Craigshouse (2). Suff.x:- £94, £92 East Fleetham, £82 West Newbiggin Farm Cottages. Char:- £87.50 East Fleetham, £82 Craigshouse.

Ewes – strong show of ewes with similar returns achieved.

Leading prices:- Suff.x:- £104 South Farm, Belford, £100 East Fleetham, £99 South farm, Belford, £92 Fenham Hill, £89 West Newbiggin Farm Cottages. Suff.x:- £101 West Newbiggin Farm Cottages. Tex.x:- £96 Bewick Folly, £94 South Farm, Belford, £84 West Newbiggin Farm Cottages. Mule:- £87 Castlelaw, £83 Shotton, Chm:- £87 Bewick Folly. Chev:- £73, £72 Bewick Folly, Bf:- £60.50 Ladykirk.

Rams:- BFL:- £96 Ladykirk.

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At their weekly primestock sale on Monday John Swan Ltd sold 83 clean cattle, 56 OTM cattle, 80 new season lambs, 1,131 old season SQQ hoggs and 472 ewes.

Bullocks (24) averaged 208.7p per kg and sold to 230p (+17.3p on week), heifers (52) averaged 208.8p per kg and sold to 237p (-7.8p on week) and 56 beef-type OTM cattle averaged 119.4p per kg and sold to 141p (+0.4p on the week).

New season lambs averaged 250.5p per kg (-17.5p on the week) and sold to £121, old season SQQ hoggs averaged 218.8p per kg (+7p on week) and sold to £110 and ewes averaged £72.57, and sold to £117 (heavy ewes £82.18, light ewes £63.25).

Principal prices per head: Upper Nisbet £1467.40; Bee Edge £1459.92, £1366.20, £1357; Longnewton £1449.92, £1394.82.

Principal prices per kg: Bee Edge 2.37, 2.30 M/s Black and Sons, 2.33 Robert Wilson Edin, 2.30 M/s Moor, 2.24 Malone of Edinburgh, 2.24 Malone of Edinburgh; Dunslaw 2.31 Malone of Edinburgh; Upper Nisbet 2.30 M/s JA Waters and Sons, 2.28 Malone of Edinburgh; Wester Ulston 2.30 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons, 2.29 Robert Pringle, 2.25 M/s J Saunderson; Longnewton 2.29 Denholm Meats; Thirlestane 2.29 Malone of Edinburgh; Caverton Mill 2.28 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons; Lurdenlaw 2.24 M/s ATS Forsyth and Sons.

Cows per head: Thirlestane £1204.98, £1113.90, £1043.94; Meigle £1060.38; Honeyburn £1021.44, £942.30, £928.86; Northhouse £995.88; Bee Edge £964.16; Penston £962.50; Shidlaw £960.40; Queenscairn £952.02; Angelraw £931.60; Nisbet Mill £931.12; Marvingston £927.50; Mosstower 3909.06.

Cows per kg: Meigle 1.41; Thirlestane 1.41, 1.37, 1.33; Shidlaw 1.40; Mosstower 1.39; Angelraw 1.37; Honeyburn 1.37, 1.35, 1.33; West Deloraine 1.31(3); Nisbet Mill 1.31; Northhouse 1.31; Bee Edge 1.31.

New season lambs per head: Tex;- £121 Lochside, £115 (2) Thornington, £110 (2) Thornington and Lochside, £107 Smailholm Mains and Craighouse, Suff.x;- £114(2), £107 (2) Smailholm Mains, £103 Lochside, Suff;- £108 Berrymoss.

New season lambs per kg:- Tex;- 281.4,261.9,258.5, 256.4 Lochside, 273.8 (2) Thornington, 261.9, 25, 256.4, 254.8 Smailholm Mains, 250 Craighouse and Thornington, Suff.x;- 287.5 Lochside, 253.3 (2), 248.8 (2) Smailholm Mains, Suff;- 225.6 Berrymoss.


The Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc had forward 25 prime cattle, 12 young bulls, 17 over 30 month cattle, 76 spring lambs, 3,747 prime hoggs and 3,342 cast ewes and rams at their weekly sale at Longtown last Thursday.

Best handy weight heifers continue to sell well with more required, although plainer types harder to cash. Top price of 233.5p for a Limousin heifer shown by Messrs Taylor, Dashwellgreen. In the OTM section more numbers are required. Top was 133.5p for Charolais from Messrs J. Magnay, Smallholms.

The annual prize show and sale of prime spring lambs was ably judged by Stephen Stoddart. An excellent show of both pairs and singles were forward, resulting in the following awards: Pairs - 1. J. Marshall, Hermitage for Texels 42kg £111 to M Lomax; Singles - G. Brough, Old Rectory, for Texels 40kg £114 to M. Lomax.

All good quality handyweight lambs sold to extreme rates, producers are advised not to allow their lambs to become too heavy to achieve premium prices. Top price £114 for Texels from Old Rectory with top price per kilo being 285p from the same home.

Another large show of 3,747 prime hoggs sold to extreme rates, being the trade of the season. All best quality, well-fleshed export weight hoggs regularly achieved 240 – 260p per kilo. Heavyweight hoggs surpassed all other centres, topping at £118 for Beltex from Messrs Anderson, Nether Stenries and to 276p for Beltex from W. Gribbon and Co., Waterside.