Market Prices

Prize winners from left to right''Alan Common, John Alan, And Emmerson, Bobby Henderson, Ross Henderson and Murray McTeir
Prize winners from left to right''Alan Common, John Alan, And Emmerson, Bobby Henderson, Ross Henderson and Murray McTeir


At their weekly Primestock sale last week John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 1,657 lambs and 347 ewes.

Trade holding up well with an increase in numbers on the week. Again all buyers present supplying new outlets, resulting in a local leading SQQ.

Leading prices per head:- Tex.x:- £90 Ford Dairy, Wandon, £87.50p East Fleetham (2), £87 South Bellshill, £86 Wandon, Springhill, Seahouses, £85 Low Middleton Livestock, Wandon, £83 Pallinsburn, South Lyham and Ford Dairy. Bel:- £90, £80, £78 Ladykirk. Suf:- £86 Lilburn Estates Roseden (2), Sfx:- £80 Hillcrest Livestock, Castlelaw, Lilburn Estates, Barmoor Red House and Branton Eastside. Ven:- £78.50p (2), £77, £75.50p South Lyham. Mule:- £84 Lilburn Estates, £80 Branton Eastside, £76 Lilburn Estates. Cha:- £82 Wandon. Oxf:- £74.50p East Fleetham. Chv:- £84, £76 Humbleheugh.

Leading prices per kilo:- Tex.x:- 213p Village Farm, Seahouses, 198.9p East Fleetham, 197.7p, 195.5p, 195.1p, Wandon, 195p Black Heddon, Henlaw, West Longridge, 194.4p East Fleetham, 193.8p Fowberry Moor, 193p, 192.9p Pallinsburn, 191.3p South Charlton, 190.5p Lilburn Estates, South Bellshill, 190p Mordington. Sfx:- 190.2p Cresswell Farms, 188.1p Brockley Hall, 187.5p Cockhall, Lilburn Estates, 186.6p Great Ryle. Ven:- 184.2p, 183.3p, 182.9p South Lyham. Mule:- 181p Lilburn Estates. Bel:- 200p, 194.3p, 192.1p, 190.5p Ladykirk. Char:- 182.2p Wandon.

Mixed show of ewes with a lot more flesh on offer.

Leading prices – ewes:- Tex.x:- £111 Ford Dairy, £87 Lilburn Estates, Cresswell Farms, Hillcrest Livestock, Berryhill, £85 West Longridge. Sfx:- £85 Branton East Side, £83 Marigold Farming Co, £81 Berryhill. Mule:- £77 Branton Eastside, £73 Kettleburn, £67 West Longridge, £65 Creswell Farms, Castlelaw and Berryhill. BF:- £63 Lilburn Estates, £59 Fawdon Farms, £47 Lilburn Estates. BF Hoggs:- £47, £45 Blackmountain Farms. Chv:- £65 Linbrig, £59 Fawdon. HB:- £73 Marigold Farming Co. Rye:- £63 Hillcrest Livestock. CM:- £77 Hillcrest Livestock.

Private sales: Conventional D/W lambs sold to 400 ppk. Organic D/W lambs sold to 435 ppk. D/W YB sold to 400ppk. Texel gimmers sold at £140.

st boswells

John Swan Ltd sold 75 clean cattle, 42 OTM cattle, 2,562 new season lambs and 749 ewes.

Bullocks (35) averaged 242.2p per kg and sold to 260p (+3.8p on week), heifers (38) averaged 234p per kg and sold to 269p (n/c on the week), two young bulls averaged 221.7p per kg and sold to 229p (n/c on the week) and 42 beef type OTM cattle averaged 138.9p per kg and sold to 193p (+3p on the week).

New season lambs averaged 180.1p per kg (-13.7p on week) and sold to £100 and wes averaged £54.40 and sold to £93. Heavy ewes £65.16, light ewes £37.43.

Principal prices per kg: Bee Edge 2.69 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons (Butchers), Bee Edge 2.60 W Taylor (Lockerbie) Ltd, Upper Nisbet 2.60 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons (Butchers), Longnewton 2.57 W Taylor (Lockerbie) Ltd, Upper Nisbet 2.56 Denholm Meat Supplies, Bee Edge 2.55 M/s TA Shaw (Butchers), Lennoxlove 2.55 M/s R and G Moor.

Cows per kg: Effledge 1.93; Torwoodlee Mains 1.91; Northhouse 1.79; Meigle 1.73, 1.67; Fowberry Moor and Effledge 1.59; Fowberry Moor, Butchercote and Muircleugh 1.57; Stoneypath 1.55; Fowberry Moor 1.53; Stoneypath and Chillingham Home Farm 1.49; Fowberry Moor 1.47.

The 2,562 prime lambs averaged 180.1p (£74.61).

Show and Sale of Beltex lambs sponsored by Messrs Davidson Animal Feeds and Beltex Sheep Society, judged by A Black Esq, Dunbia. Champion – W Pate, Craigsford Mains £94 (223.8p). Reserve Champion – J and G Sinclair, Crookston £100 (220.9p). First ex. Cont Ewe - Craigsford Mains. First ex. Suff.x – Hartside, Oxton. First ex. Mule – Hartside, Oxton.

border Livestock

Last week Border Livestock Exchange Ltd sold 86 prime cattle including 26 cows, 1,894 prime lambs, 341 ewes and 2,104 store lambs.

Top prices went to Cresswell Farms, Newlands, Belford, for a wonderful consignment of organic Hereford x steers and heifers which sold to 535p per kilo and £1,973 per head.

Young bulls from Bowsden Moor, Berwick, sold to £2,073 per head for 14 month old Limousin’s. Pure bred Belgian Blue cows from Sharplaw Farms, Hownam, sold to 420p per kilo for ‘E’ grades.

Lamb trade remains steady with the majority of lambs averaging in the mid £80’s. Texel x sold to 416p per kilo and £87.36 per head from Bluecairn, Galashiels. Suffolk x to 420p; Meatlinc to 415p and Mules to 400p. Store and breeding sheep are being sold in large numbers with retained buyers prepared to pay a premium for regular consignments. Mule gimmers to £145 and £135. Store lambs pay similar to last year with more being sold earlier this season.