Market Prices


At their weekly Primestock sale last Wednesday John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 1,640 lambs, 19 hoggs and young sheep and 160 ewes.

Larger numbers and the heat wave against the sheep trade resulting in all classes being a lot easier.

Leading prices per head:- Suff.x:- £83.50 Cresswell Farms, £82 Lilburn Estates, £80 Cresswell Farms and Wandon. Tex.x:- £82.50 Greystonnes, Warenford North, £82 Lilburn Estates, £81.50 Cresswell Farms, £81 Wandon, £80 Chesterhill, Greystonnes, Shotton, Cresswell Farms, Mordington and Great Ryle.

Leading prices per kilo:- Tex.x:- 190.2p Greystonnes, Warenford North, 190p Black Heddon, Springhill, Berwick and Bewick Folly, 189.5p Yetlington Lane, 188.1p Low Middleton, 187.5p Yetlington Lane, 186.9p Great Ryle and Greystonnes, 185.4p Village Farm, Seahouses, 184.2p Henlaw, 183.8p West Hall, Belford. Bel.x:- 185.7p Ladykirk, 184.2p Ladykirk.

Ewe numbers less, with a slight decrease in returns.

Leading prices:- Tex.x:- £97, £80 Wrangham East, £71 Mordington, £70 Bolton North Wing. Suff.x:- £91 Little Swinton. Suff.x:- £79 Middle Ord and Mayfield, £73 North Sharperton. Zwa:- £67 Marshall Meadows. GF:- £63, £59 Mayfield, £57 Shotton, Middle Ord. Chev:- £63 South Charlton. CHM:- £57 South Charlton.

Rams:- Tex.x:- £89 Wrangham East. Suff.x:- £71 Ladykirk.


On Monday John Swan Ltd sold 61 clean cattle, 57 OTM cattle, 1,450 new season lambs, 32 old season lambs and 663 ewes.

Bullocks (32) averaged 249p per kg and sold to 265p (+4 on week), heifers (26) averaged 242p per kg and sold to 260p (+3.0p on week) and young bulls (3) averaged 209p per kg and sold to 212p (n/c on week).

New season lambs averaged 179.2p per kg (-47.1p on week) and sold to £100, ewes averaged £57.38 and sold to £113 and £119 for tups. Heavy ewes £74.18, light ewes £27.48.

Principal prices per kg: Upper Nisbet 2.65 M/s J Gilmour and Co Ltd, Bee Edge 2.64 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons, Bee Edge 2.60 Robert L Wilson Butcher Ltd, Bee Edge 2.57 W Taylor (Lockerbie) Ltd, M/s Gilmour and Co Ltd, Longnewton 2.57 M/s R and G Moor, Lennoxlove 2.57 M/s R and G Moor, Upper Nisbet 2.56 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons, Caverton Mill 2.56 M/s R and G Moor, Bee Edge 2.55 W Taylor (Lockerbie) Ltd, Bee Edge 2.54 M/s Gilmour and Co Ltd, Traprain 2.54 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons, Upper Nisbet 2.54 M/s R and G Moor, Lurdenlaw 2.53 M/s J and A Waters and Sons (Butchers), Longnewton 2.53 Scotbeef Ltd.

Principal prices per head: Caverton Mill £1786.05, Longnewton £1669.80, Lennoxlove £1644.80, Lurdenlaw £1608.

Cows per head: Eden Lodge £1328.45; Bemersyde £1287, Huntington £1267, Bemersyde £1260.75, Burnhouse Mains £1162.80, Chillingham Home Farm £1149.50, Allanshaws £1140.30, Woodhouse £1135.05, Towford £1131.90, Northfield £1097.10, Marchcleugh Farm £1086.30, Chillingham Home Farm £1083.50, Kirklands £1062.60, Woodhouse £1058.50, Headshaw, Lauder £1058.20, The Shaws £1043.20.

Cows per kg: Chillingham Home Farm 2.09, Bemersyde 2.05, Chillingham Home Farm 1.97, Bemersyde 1.95, Allanshaws and Huntington 1.81, Wester Ulston 1.79, West Mains and Burnhouse Mains 1.71, The Shaws 1.69, 1.65, Huntington 1.63, The Shaws and Eden Lodge 1.63, Woodhouse and Kirklands 1.61.

Bulls: Broadmeadows £1409.80, Allansahws £1437.75.

Show and sale of Suffolk.x lambs kindly sponsored by the Suffolk Sheep Society and judged by Mr A MacMorran of Scotbeef Ltd. Champion pen (ex mule rwe) Torwoodlee Mains £100 purchased by M/s Martin Baird (Butchers) Ltd Melrose. Reserve champion pen (ex Cont.x ewe) Headshaw, Lauder, £88 purchased by M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons (Butchers) Peebles.

Lambs per head: Suff.x;- £100 Torwoodleee Mains, £91.50 Hyndsidehill. Tex.x;- £94 Legars, £93 Lower Ashtrees. Bel;- £94 Wester Deans. Chv;- £75.50 Gilston. CM;- £72.50 Brockhouse.

Lambs per kg: Suff.x;- 217.4p Torwoodlee Mains, 198.3p Broomiebank. Bel;- 204.4p Wester Deans, 198.5p Broomiebank. Tex.x;- 202.2p Lower Ashtrees, 193.5p Huntington. Ber;- 176.9p Springwood (Powell). CM;- 175p Gilston.

Cast ewes: Tex;- £113 Wantonwalls. Suff.x;- £95 Corsbie. Suff;- £89 Stoneypath. HB;- £85 Haltree. BFL;- £79 Burnhead. GF;- £73 Bankhouse. Chv.x;- £59 Wedderlie. Chv;- £57 The Dod, Lauder. BF;- £45 Torsonce Mains, Wedderlie and Applecross.

Rams: Chv;- £119 Lochside. Tex;- £115 Lochside. BF;- £59 Stoneypath.


The Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC had forward 37 prime cattle, 12 young bulls, 18 over 30 month cattle, 3,098 prime lambs, 589 prime hoggs and 4,070 cast ewes and rams at their weekly sale at Longtown last Thursday.

Prime cattle short of requirements and continued to sell to late high rates. Top price to 261.5p (£1,869.73) for a British Blue bullock shown by J.C. and D. Nicholson and Son, The Gill, closely followed at 260.5p again for a British Blue this time from A. and W.J. Taylor and Son, Dashwellgreen. Limousin heifers sold to 239.5p, twice, both from J. and N. Blaylock and Son, Hallburn.

Principal prices per kilo: Bullocks - British Blue 261.5p The Gill, 260.5p Dashwellgreen. Limousin 256.5p Dashwellgreen, 251.5p The Gill, 250.5p, 249.5p (x2) Dashwellgreen, 248.5p The Gill, 247.5p, 246.5p Dashwellgreen, 244.5p High Stenries, 238.5p Dashwellgreen and Houghton House, 224.5p Newby Farm and Houghton House. Charolais 246.5p, 236.5p, 226.5p High Stenries, 225.5p Sceughdyke.

Heifers - Limousin 239.5p (x2), 235.5p Hallburn, 225.5p (x2) Sceughdyke, 222.5p Becton Hall. Charolais 229.5p Sceughdyke. British Blue 223.5p Beckhall.

Principal prices per head: Bullocks - British Blue £1,869 The Gill, £1,784 Dashellgreen. Limousin £1,794 Dashwellgreen, £1,685 The Gill, £1,678, £1,614 Dashwellgreen, £1,605 Houghton House. Charolais £1,614 High Stenries.

Heifers - Charolais £1,455, £1,342, £1,269 Sceughdyke. Limousin £1,236 Hallburn, £1,232 Sceughdyke, £1,221 Hallburn. Angus £1,221 Netherton.

Some smart bulls on offer saw trade on par with recent weeks. Top price of 244.5p for a Limousin shown by Mr J. Jardine, Yett and 242.5p from Messrs J. Retson and Son, Gardrum.

Principal prices per kilo: Limousin 244.5p Yett, 242.5p, 237.5p Gardrum, 235.5p Yett, 216.5p Shaw of Dryfe. Blonde d’Aquitaine 218.5p Yett Farm. British Blue 215.5p Gardrum. Simmental 209.5p Shaw of Dryfe. Black and White 181.5p Becton Hall.

Principal prices per head: Limousin £1,818 Morley Hill, £1,540 Yett, £1,491 Gardrum, £1,436 Yett, £1,377 Gardrum. Black and White £1,143, £1,114 Becton Hall.

More meat cows on offer and beef cows sold sharper to average 144p. Top price to 196.5p and 183.5p for Limousins from Mr J. Watret, Burnside.

Principal prices per kilo: Limousin 196.5p, 183.5p Burnside, 155.5p, 151.5p Netherton, 136.5p Swaites. British Blue 162.5p, 142.5p, 141.5p Nether Albie. Angus 153.5p, 148.5p Sorbie. Black and White 127.5p, 121.5p Peterscrook. Galloway 117.5p Barfil.

Principal prices per head: Limousin £1,444, £1,146 Burnside, £1,022, £1,010 Netherton. British Blue £1,080, £954, £849 Nether Albie. Black and White £1,073 Becton Hall. Angus £951, £950 Sorbie.

Another large show of 3,098 prime lambs were forward to the usual ring of buyers but no one very keen to buy lambs as supply this week has by far outstripped demand, causing the trade to take a dramatic downwards spiral nationwide since Tuesday, resulting in a very disappointing average of 175p, although this average was still better than many others seen through the country. Hopefully this collapse in trade will be short lived and the lamb price will level out at a sensible trade for everyone. Top price of 205p per kilo for Texels from A. Craig, Compstone End with a top per head of £93 for Beltex from J. McKay and Sons, Broughton Mains.

The 718 light weight lambs sold to a top of £65 for Texels from Middle Farm, £60 Windy Hill; Suffolk £64 Thomasdene, £58 Milnholm; Charollais £62.50 Ardlamy, £53 Porterstown; Leicester £58 Forget me Not; Greyface £57 Burnhouse, £55 North Deanhead; Hill Cheviot £56 High Chesters, £55 Supplebank; Herdwick £50 Butterdales.

Also weighed on a weigh and pay basis were 499 lightweight lambs between 26 and 36 kilos, which are now sought after weekly. Contact Archie for details.

A smaller show of 589 prime hoggs were forward and the sale average was 140p per kilo. As from next week hoggets will be sold amongst the ewes, although there will still be some demand for them. The sale was topped at £79.50 per head for Texels from Thorns and to 225p per kilo for Texels from Keldhead.

Another good show of 4,070 cast ewes and rams were forward to the usual ring of buyers with trade for all classes £4 to £5 back on the week due to Ramadam. Small ewes and rams of all classes continue to be easily sold, heavy fatter ewes harder to cash.