AT St Boswells Mart on Monday John Swan Ltd sold 86 clean cattle, 116 OTM cattle, 2,356 new season lambs and 1,498 ewes.

Bullocks (40) averaged 208.2p per kg and sold to 241p (-7.8p on week) while heifers (43) averaged 208.6p per kg and sold to 240p (-6.0p on week). Three young bulls averaged 182p per kg and sold to 194p (n/c on week) and 116 beef type OTM cattle averaged 123.4p per kg and sold to192p (-10.3p on the week).

The 2,356 new season lambs averaged 150.6p per kg and sold to £97(-3.4p on week) and 1,498 ewes averaged £46.64 (£81 for ewes and £89 for tups).

Principal prices per kg: Bee Edge 2.41, 2.30 M/s J Penny and Sons, 2.27 Robert Wilson Butcher; Longnewton 2.40 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons; Humebyres 2.35 M/s J Penny and Sons; Lennoxlove 2.33 M/s TA Shaw, 2.30 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons, 2.26 Denholm Meats; Upper Nisbet 2.32 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons; Ramrig 2.30 M/s R Pringle; Traprain 2.30 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons; Low Middleton 2.29 M/s J Gilmour and Co Ltd; Greenknowe 2.29 Gosford Bothy Shop, 2.26 Malone of Edinburgh, 2.25 M/s TA Shaw; Woodhead. A 2.25 M/s J Penny and Sons.

Principal prices per head: Humebyres £1492.25; Ramrig £1462; Bee Edge £1409.85, £1384.70, £1380; Low Middleton £1377.95.

Cows per head: Kersknowe £1438.10, £1355.20, £1320; Philiphaugh £1315.20; Smailholm Mains £1277.50; Ramrig £1276.80, £1269.20; Cortleferry £1260.85; Humebyres £1244.10, £1161.30; Birkenside £1156.20; Eden Lodge £1146.75; Legerwood £1123.75; Crossflat £1082.95.

Cows per kg: Ramrig 1.92, 1.67; Crossflat 1.79, 1.41; Humebyres 1.74, 1.58; Cortleferry 1.55, 1.51; Kersknowe 1.54, 1.50, 1.46; Birkenside 1.49; Smailholm Mains 1.46, 1.42;Legerwood 1.45; Wester Middleton 1.43.

Bulls: New Blainslie £1277.25 (1.31); Earlston Mains £1180 (1.18).

Principal prices, lambs per head: Bel:- £97, £95 Crookston. Tex.x;- £95, £93, £92 Crookston, £84 Huntington, Suff.x;- £84 Huntington, £83 Hartside, Beu;- £71.50 Craighouse, CM;- £73 Gospelhall, GF;- £69 Saughtree, Chev;- £66 Gospelhall, £64.50 Blackcastle, BF;- £56 Burnhouse Mains and Roxburgh Mill.

Principal prices, lambs per kg: Bel;- 193.9 Crookston, 182.6 Sydenham, Tex.x;- 189.8 Crookston, 177.4 Howden, Suff.x;- 173.4, 168 Huntington, Chev;- 155 Saughtree.

Cast ewes: Tex;- £81 Mossburnford, £73 Buckholm, Suff.x;- £79 Linkshead and Smailholm Mains, £77 Craigsford Mains, BFL;- £69 Linkshead, Chev;- £67 Gospelhall, £63 Torwoodlee Mains, Lle;- £67 Hillhouse, GF;- £63 Craigend, £61 Linkshead and Mossburnford, BF;- £47 Lauderhill, £43 Linkshead, Falside and Hillhouse.

Rams: Tex;- £89 Thistle Doo, BFL;- £67 Lee, Chev;- £65 Hindhope.


LAST week Border Livestock Exchange Ltd sold 173 prime cattle including 41 cows and bulls, 3,071 prime lambs, 491 cast ewes, 971 store sheep and 111 store cattle.

Aberdeen Angus cross steers from Eastfield of Lempitlaw, Kelso, sold to 397p per kg and £1,472. Continental cross heifers from Cairndinnis, Haddington, sold to 370p per kg. Heavy Continental cross steers from Easington Grange, Belford, peaked at 351p per kg and £1,449.98. Young bulls to £1,434 from Blackadder Mains, Duns. Cull cows continue to sell extremely well with more being offered. Top price Blackadder Mains, Duns, £1,374. Saler cross cows to £1,148 from Cliftoncote, Yetholm.

Lambs remained steady with some tremendous consignments on offer. Organics from Tullochallum, Keith, topped the section at 380p per kg with conventional Texel crosses from Scotstounbank, Peebles, selling to 375p per kg and £78.75. Suffolk’s from Sweethope Farm, Kirkwhelpington, also sold to 375p per kg. Other Continental crosses to 365p per kg Edlingham Demense, Alnwick, 360p per kg Carlopshill, Penicuik; Howden, Jedburgh; Redpath Farm, Duns; Shipley Lane, Alnwick and Threeburnford, Lauder.

Store lambs continue to move steadily with the majority heading South. Suffolk crosses to £55.50, Texel crosses to £54 and Hill Cheviots to £52. Running on mule ewe lambs to £90. Cull ewes were dearer with mules selling to £80.50 Duncrahill, Pencaitland.

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