AT St Boswells Mart on Monday John Swan Ltd sold 79 clean cattle, 76 OTM cattle, 3,107 new season lambs and 1607 ewes.

Bullocks (38) averaged 211p per kg and sold to 232p (-4.0p on week). Heifers (38) averaged 214.3p per kg and sold to 251p (-3.0p on week). Three young bulls averaged 162p per kg and sold to 198p (n/c on week) and 76 beef type OTM cattle averaged 137.6p per kg and sold to 177p (n/c on the week).

The 3,107 new season lambs averaged 164.4p per kg and sold to £87(-3.8p on week) and 1,607 heavy ewes averaged £60.91, (+£4.18 on week). Light ewes averaged £36.34.

Last Thursday John Swan Ltd sold 6,392 breeding and feeding sheep at their special sale, all classes were keenly contested at increased values.

Ewes: Suff.x 4cr £100 Venchen; GF 4cr £94 Venchen; 3cr £112 Crailing Nook; 2cr £114 Stirches Mains; 1cr £117 Stirches Mains; Tex.x 4cr £94 Threeburnford; 2cr £121 Hamildean.

Gimmers: Suff.x £122 Whitehill; Pure Suff £205 St Dunstan; Tex.x £125 Edgefield; Scotch Mule £168 Whitrighill; HB £170 New Smailholm.

Ewe Lambs: Suff.x £121 Nesbit and Haltree, £120 Nesbit, Blackhll and Marvingston; Suff.x Mule £90 Pitscandly; HB £143 Stobshiel Mains; Tex.x £106 Dyke, Moffat; Scotch Mule £112 Tinnis, £103 Tinnis and Edston.

The firm also sold 3,027 feeding lambs, meeting a fast trade to a large and well travelled ring of buyers.

Suff.x lambs averaged £63.25 selling to £73 Greenhead, £67, £66 Cocklawfoot, £64.50 Chapelhill.

Tex.x lambs averaged £62.43 selling to £69.50 Rigside, £66 Greenhead, £65 Lamberton.

An excellent show of 1,093 Chev lambs averaged £60.79, £66 Buchtrig (181 in lot), £64 Hartside (2), £61.50 Carcant. Beltex lambs to £67 Linbrig, Mule lambs to £63.50 Burnhead Eddleston, £60 Meigle, Chev.x lambs to £59.50 Horsburgh Ford.


AT their weekly Primestock Sale held at Wooler last Wednesday John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 1,106 lambs and 276 ewes.

Lamb numbers curtailed due to standstill regulations but all selling vendors received returns above expectations.

Leading prices per head:- BFL:- £84.50 (2) Clennel, Bel:- £80.50 Ladykirk. Tex.x:- £80 (4) Lilburn Estates and Burradon Mains, £79.50 Inland Pastures, £79 Lilburn Estates, £78 Edlingham Newtown and Burradon Mains, £78 (2) Mindrum Farming Co, £77.50 Mindrum Farming Co, £77 Lilburn Estates. Suff.x:- £80 (2) Lilburn Estates, £78 Mindrum Farming Co. Mule: £74 Great Ryle.

Leading prices per kiilo:- Bel:- 196.3p Ladykirk. Tex.x:- 186.3p Lilburn Estates, 181p Mindrum Farming Co, 180.7p Inland Pastures, 180.5p Cockhall, 179.5p Todrig and Ladykirk, 178.8p Lilburn Estates, 176.3p Ladykirk, 176.2p Lilburn Estates, 172.7p West Longridge, 172.6p Lilburn Estates, 172.1p West Longridge. Suff.x:- 172.6p Lilburn Estates.

Ewe numbers also less but a touch dearer.

Leading prices:- Tex.x:- £106 Ford Dairy, £103 Burradon Mains, £100 Shotton. Suff.x:- £94 Great Ryle, £93 Burradon Mains, £87.50 Edlingham Newtown. BFL:- £90 Clennell. Chev:- £79 Branton Eastside. Mule:- £77 Shotton, £72 Edlingham Newtown, £71 Great Ryle. BF:- £55 Broadlaw.


THE Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC had forward 58 prime cattle, nine young bulls, 30 over 30 month cattle, 5,308 prime lambs and 9,113 cast ewes and rams at their weekly sale at Longtown last Thursday.

A mixed show of prime cattle forward saw trade slightly easier, although good fleshed types remained at recent rates topping at 220.5p for a Limousin heifer from Messrs Blaylock, Hallburn, others to 218.5p from J.W. Slack and Son, Newby.

Principal prices per kilo: Bullocks, Limousin – 202.5p Nether Onsett, 198.5p Nether Onsett, 197.5p Newtown, 193.5p Becton Hall. Galloway – 184.5p Sewing Shields. Blue Grey – 181.5p Sewing Shields. Aberdeen Angus – 181.5p Shaw Head. British Blue – 200.5p Nether Onsett.

Heifers, Limousin – 222.5p Hallburn, 218.5p Newby Farm, 216.5p Townfoot, 213.5p Houghton House, 212.5p Ladyhousesteads and Townfoot, 210.5p Townfoot, 205.5p South Dene. Charolais – 210.5p Hallburn, 206.5p, 205p Townfoot, 203.5p Hallburn. Simmental – 207.5p Townfoot. Blonde – 204.5p, 198.5p Townfoot.

Principal prices per head: Bullocks, Limousin – £1,437.75 Nether Onsett, £1151.30 Nether Onsett, £1135.63 Newtown. Galloway - £1088.55 Sewing Shields. Blue Grey - £1034.55 Sewing Shields. Aberdeen Angus - £1061.55, £1052.70 Shawhead. British Blue - £1393.48 Nether Onsett.

Heifers, Charolais – £1,261.70 Hallburn, £1245.38, £1183.58 Upper Mains, £1,158.25, £1156.40 Townfoot, £1147.23 Hallburn. Limousin – £1253.75 Ladyhousesteads, £1216.95 Houghton House, £1190.38 Hallburn, £1027.50 South Dene. Simmental - £1172.38 Townfoot, £1064.95 Shaw of Dryfe, £1036.78 Greystoke Castle. Blonde - £1134.98 Townfoot.

Yet again prime bulls were short of buyers requirements, although a good show of bulls forward met a brisk trade topping at 220.5p for a great Limousin shown by J. Jardine, The Yett.

Principal prices per kilo: Limousin – 220.5p, 214.5p Yett Farm, 185.5p Becton Hall. Blonde – 207.5p. 191.5p Oakwoodhill

British Blue – 208.5p Yett Farm, 188.5p, 183.5p Becton Hall. Shorthorn – 179.5p Shaw of Dryfe.

Principal prices per head: Limousin – £1,356.08 Yett, £1211.93 Yett, £1196.48 Becton Hall. Blonde - £1265.75, £1158.58 Oakwoodhill. Shorthorn - £1005.20 Shaw of Dryfe. British Blue - £1281.80, £1266.15 Becton Hall £1209.30 Yett.

A plainer show of OTM cows were forward and trade looking slightly easier, yet the sale topped at 200p for a British Blue cow from Shaw of Dryfe Farming and Stock bulls to 137p for a Limousin shown by Messrs MacDonald, Ladyhousesteads.

Principal prices per kilo: Limousin – 185p Newby Farm, 145p Ladyhousesteads, 134p Greystoke Castle, 118p Newhouse, 115p Ladyhousesteads

Friesian – 117p Evertown, 116p The Stubb. British Blue –200p Shaw of Dryfe. Angus –165p Kilnhill. Simmental – 131p Hallburn. Galloway – 123p, 119p Demense. OTM bull Limousin – 137p Ladyhousesteads.

Principal prices per head: Angus – £1105.50 Kilnhill. Friesian – £817.80 The Stubb. Limousin – £1063.75 Newby Farm, £819.25 Ladyhousesteads. Simmental - £864.60 Hallburn. Galloway - £811.80 Demense. British Blue - £1160 Shaw of Dryfe. OTM Bull Limousin - £1116.55 Ladyhousesteads.

A larger show of 5308 prime lambs were forward with the usual ring of buyers present and levelling at 164p in line with the national trend. More better fleshed lambs were forward but still short of buyers requirements. The sale was topped at 202p for Texels from Kirton and £100 per head from the same home.

Texels £100 Kirkton, £93.50 Sunnycroft, £91 Slealands; Suffolk x £87.80 Sceughdyke, £87 Slealands, £85 The Nook; Cheviots £64.80 Sundhope; Bleu de Maine £75.80 Haithwaite; Charollais £75.20, £72.80 Lanerton; Greyface £76.80 Barnshangan, £69.20 The Old Police House; Blackface £60 Upperburnmouth and Bush of Ewes; North Country Cheviot £70 Bordergate, £66.20 Killean.

A large show of lightweight lambs were again forward to average 160.1p.

Texels £62.20 Ronachan and Longrow; Suffolks £59.80 High Dovecote, £55.20 Woodfield; Cheviots £54.80 Eweslees, £53.50 Catslackburn; Charollais £55.80 Crossibeg; Greyface £58.80 Crossibeg, £57.80 Caliglen; Blackface £57.80 Crawfordjohnmill.

Another epic show of 9125 ewes and rams were forward to a crowded ring of buyers with trade only 20-30p on average back on last week. Many more smaller, plainer hill type ewes were forward proving harder to cash but the best selling ewes remain scarce and sold at recent high rates. Rams remain in demand.

Top was £139.50 for Suffolk rams from Longhouse, £126.50 West Farm, £116.50 Meadowview, £106.50 Ballimachiller; Cheviot £86.50 Marygate, £76.50 Glendearg; Texel £128.50 Townfoot and Newbigging, £126.50 Roadside, £124.50 Severs Road; Charollais £122.50 Burdon, £110.50 Dumblar Rigg; Leicesters £128.50 Gateside, £120 Longhouse, £113.50 Old Police House; Blackface £93.50 Longhouse, £77.50 Black Mountain, £76.50 Graydale; North Country Cheviot £119.50 Gateside, £95.50 Longhouse; Swaledale £76.50 Morley Hill, £72.50 Stackbrae; Beltex £126.50, £103.50 Burdon; Lleyn £108.50 Meadowview; Dorset £106.50 Burdon; Romney Marsh £113.50 Burdon.

Texel ewes to 123.50 Blackpark, £122.50 Hott, £116.50 Byreburnside and Roadside; Suffolk £120.50 Backlane, £100.50 Priesthaugh, £95.50 Gateside and Severs Road; Charollais £114.50, £104.50 Roadside, £100.50 Severs Road; Greyface £79.50 Severs Road, £74.50 Castletown, £72.50 Langraw; Cheviot Mule £75.50 North House and Parkhill, £73.50 Pirntaton.


LAST week Border Livestock Exchange Ltd sold 85 prime cattle, 39 cast cows, 2,398 prime lambs including 547 cast ewes, 142 store cattle, 3,839 store and breeding sheep.

Demand was fierce for Aberdeen Angus cross steers and heifers. Top price was 390p per kg for a consignment of steers from Bonjedward Mill, Jedburgh. Continental crosses were also dearer selling to 367p per kg from Pilmuir Farm, Lauder. Young bulls were exceptionally good to sell with Pure Belgian Blue’s from Bowsden Moor, Berwick, reaching £1,694 to average £1,561.

Lambs were a steadier trade top prices for export quality lambs was £85.28 for Lleyn crosses from Hundalee House, Jedburgh. Suffolk crosses from The Hardens, Duns, to £84; £83.20 from Codlawhill, Hexham; £83.60 Humbleton, Wooler; £81.90 Woodhall, Morpeth and £80.85 Venchen Farm, Yetholm.

Store and breeding numbers sold continue to increase with quality store lambs in big demand. Texel gimmers from Castlehills Farm, Berwick, sold to £400. Mule gimmers to £150. Suffolk crosses also to £150. Organic store lambs sold to £65 from Middle Moor, Alnwick.