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DURING the week ending March 30 Border Livestock Exchange Ltd sold 143 prime cattle, including 43 cows, 394 prime hoggs, including 112 ewes, and 325 store cattle.

Prime cattle were again sharper on the week with top quality home-bred Limousin cross heifers from Hallrule, Bonchester Bridge, selling to 360p per kg (£1,258). Charolais cross steers from Legars, Kelso, sold to 359p per kg and £1,392 per head. Aberdeen Angus cross heifers from Fenwick Steads, Belford, also sold to 360p per kg. Young bulls from Lilburn Estates, Wooler, hit top spot, selling to 350p per kg for 26.

Home-bred Limousin cross OTM heifers from Bowsden Moor, Berwick, reached 345p per kg and £1,876.Dairy cast cows from Kelloe Mains, Duns, smashed the records with a fantastic Holstein cow which sold to a respectable £1,220 + £19 on previous record best.

The largest number of store cattle ever sold in one week from farm to farm was purchased readily by regular buyers to this system.


Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC had forward 34 prime cattle, six young bulls, 21 over-30 month cattle, 8,973 prime hoggs, and 5,132 cast ewes and rams at their weekly sale at Longtown last Thursday.

A small show of prime cattle, but plenty of good quality on offer, saw trade rise 5p on the week and top at 223.5p for a Limousin heifer from J. and N. Blaylock and Son, Hallburn, others 222.5p for Charolais also from Hallburn. Limousin bullocks sold to 218.5p from A. and W.J. Taylor and Son, Dashwell Green and 217.5p from J.C. and D. Nicholson, The Gill.

Principal prices per kilo: Bullocks, Limousin – 218.5p Dashwell Green, 217.5p, 215.5p The Gill, 213.5p Dashwell Green, 206.5p The Gill. Charolais – 208.5p Dashwell Green, 202.5p Sceughdyke, 201.5p Dashwell Green, 199.5p The Gill. Galloway – 198.5p Shankfieldhead. Heifers, Limousin – 223.5p Hallburn, 221.5p Dashwell Green, 219.5p Houghton House, 214.5p Dashwell Green, 212.5p Hallburn, 205.5p Houghton House, 202.5p Hallburn. Charolais – 222.5p, 218.5p (x2), 217.5p Hallburn, 208.5p Sceughdyke. Bazadaise – 216.5p Swaites.

Principal prices per head: Bullocks, Charolais – £1,636 Dashwell Green, £1,536 The Gill, £1,488 Sceughdyke. Limousin – £1,511, £1,445, £1,442 The Gill, £1,398 Dashwell Green. Heifers, Charolais – £1,386, £1,266 Sceughdyke, £1,218, £1,179, £1,125 Hallburn. Limousin – £1,240 Houghton House, £1,151, £1,115 Hallburn.

A small show of young bulls but keenly sought after and topped at 201.5p and 198.5p from R. and E. Mercer, Stirches Mains.

Over-30 month cattle were a better show for quality and topped at 170.5p for a Hereford from H. Johnston, Scotby Ghyll Farm, with Black and Whites to 158.5p from J.G. Vevers, Peterscrook.

A new record show of 8,972 prime hoggs were forward, a show of numbers never seen since pre-foot and mouth in 2001. The usual ring of buyers ensured a buoyant trade throughout with the best show of hoggs for quality seen in many years, even though too many hoggs are over 45 kilos! More export weights are required.

The sale average was 207p per kilo, SQQ 214p. The sale was topped at 278p per kilo for Beltex from Newbigging.

Included was the annual show and sale of both North Country and Hill Cheviot hoggs. The North Country Cheviots were sponsored by Tarff Valley with the Hill Cheviots sponsored by P.J. Tractor Parts. Both classes were ably judged by Mr Andrew Dawson who awarded the champion North Country Cheviots to Messrs Martindale, Land Farm, scaling 50 kilos and realising £100 to Bowood Farms. In the Hill Cheviots the award went to Messrs Cartner, Blackwoodridge House, scaling 57 kilos and realising £107 also to Bowood Farms.

The 1,979 lightweight hoggs topped at £85.50 for Suffolks from Stackbraes, £81.80 Crawfordjohn Mill; Texel £83.50 Newbigging, £81.20 Crawfordjohn Mill, £74.80 Gate and West; Hill Cheviot £82.80 Falnash, £81.50, £77.80 Glendearg; North Country Cheviot £79.80 West Millriggs; Beltex £79.50 Stackbraes; Greyface £76.50 Backmuir, £75.50 Haithwaite; Charollais £74.80 Butterdales; Herdwick £73.50, £70.80 Rowhead, £70.80 Longrow; Lleyn £71.80 Sloda Hill; Blackface £71.20 Hareshaw, £70.20 Draniegower, £69.80 Maidencoates; Swaledale £65.80 Whitton, £64.50 Westburnhope.

An excellent show of 5,132 cast ewes and rams were forward to the usual full ring of buyers with the best show of heavy ewes seen in many years. Trade was similar on the week. Hill ewes were short of requirements and easily upheld recent high rates.


JOHN Swan Limited held their spring show and sale of native-bred cattle at St Boswells last Thursday.

Champion was awarded by show judge Mr D. Gray, Sunnycroft, Selkirk, to Wedderlie for a Blk which realised £1140(485p). Reserve champion was from Stobo Home Farm for a Blk scaling 535kgs which was sold in a pen of three for £1230.

Best pen bullocks also from Stobo Home Farm made £1190 for seven AA.x scaling 485kgs. Best pen of heifers from Pogbie realised £790 for seven AA.x scaling 370kgs.

On Monday John Swan Ltd sold 126 clean cattle, 45 OTM cattle, 2,305 old season lambs and 337 ewes.

Bullocks (54) averaged 213.8p per kg (+5.0p on the week). Heifers (68) averaged 217.4p per kg (+6.9p on the week). Four young bulls averaged 200p per kg (n/c on the week) and 45 beef-type OTM cattle averaged 155.1p per kg (+5.6p on the week).

The 2,305 old season lambs averaged 195.4p per kg (-5.8p on the week) including 814 38-42kgs averaging 207.3 (incl.396 over 50kgs averaged 169.5). The 337 ewes averaged £87.3, (-£4.83 on the week).

At the Easter show of prime cattle sponsored by Thomas Sherriff and Co Ltd, Leitholm, the judge Mr C. Tulloch, for M/s WP Tulloch Butchers, Paisley, awarded the following from an outstanding show of cattle – Champion bullock from M/s Hamilton and Son, Bee Edge which scaled 585kgs and made 370p (£2164.50) to M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons, Peebles, with the reserve awarded to Blain Farming Co., Coxydene, which scaled 455kgs and made 250p(£1137.50) to the judge.

Cows per head: Kersknowe £1609.50; Deuchrie £1605.50; Ramrig £1345.50; Traprain £1311.75, £1265.40; Cortleferry £1294.25; Whitchesters £1287.90, £1247, £1206.90; Greenlees £1239; Marvingston £1237.50; Bowshiel £1221.40; Stoneypath £1199.90, £1185.70; Caverton Mill £1185.

Cows per kg: Bowshiel 1.97; Ramrig 1.95; Traprain 1.86, 1.71, 1.65, 1.59; Kersknowe 1.85; Stoneypath 1.69, 1.67; Deuchrie 1.69; Smailholm Mains 1.68; Cortleferry 1.67, 1.59; Marvingston 1.65; Redheugh 1.65.

Bulls: Primside £1485(1.35p).

Hoggs, principal prices per head: Tex.x;- £106 Craig Douglas, £103 Bettyfield, Suff.x;- £100.50, £100 Boghall(Turnbull), £99.50 Bonjedward Mill, Chev;- £100, £95 Attonburn, £94 Calroust, Cha;- £94 Newton of Crathie, Bel;- £93,£90 Newton of Crathie, Chev.x;- £90,£86.50 Larriston, £86 Newton of Crathie, BF;- £90 Stoneypath, £87.50 Craig Douglas, BFL;- £87 Calroust (Tapson), RYE;- £84 Eckford House, GF;- £83.50 Swinside Farming.

Principal prices per kg:

Chev;- 225.8,222.1 Unthank, 222.1 Shaws, Bel;- 222.5,211.5,210 Newton of Crathie, Tex.x;- 221.3 Kilnknowe, 217.6 Oakwood, Suff.x;- 215.5 Redheugh, 211.9, 211.3 Newton of Crathie, Chev.x;- 212.2 Swinnie, 204.8 Newton of Crathie, GF;- 198.8 Swinside Farming, BF;- 198.8 Larriston.

Cast ewes: Suff;- £125, £114 New Channelkirk, £123 Huntington, Suff.x;- £123 Treaty Park, £118 Ecclaw, £116 Primside, Tex;- £119 Broomilees, £117 Craiglea Cott(Grieve), HB;- £117 Bonjedward Mill, £110 Gledswood, Bel;- 3108 Broomilands, GF;- £97 Smailholm Mains, £96 Treaty Park & Currie Inn, Chev;- £94 Attonburn, BF;- £78 Calroust, £77 Arniston House. Rams: Tex;- £123 Whitchesters, £90 Kirkton Farm, Chev;- £99 Whitchesters, £97 Hethpool, Suff;- £82 Currie Inn.


AT their weekly primestock sale held at Wooler last Wednesday, John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 689 hoggs and 115 ewes.

Hoggs a mixed show with fleshed types again easy to sell, leaner, tail enders tougher.

Leading prices per head:- Suff.x:- £98, £95 (2) Fawdon Farms, £92 Lamberton and Cold Martin, £91 Shotton, £90.50 Lamberton, £90 Shotton and Lamberton. Tex.x:- £93.50, £93 West Longridge, £93 Fawdon Farms, £92.50 (2) West Longridge, £91.50 West Longridge, £91 Fawdon Farms, £90.50 Elwick. C.M:- £90.50 Lamberton. Chev.x:- £90.50 Lamberton. BFL:- £89 Fawdon Farms. Mule:- £89.50 Fawdon Farms. BF:- £84.50 West Longridge.

Leading prices per kilo:- Chev:- 215.5p Lamberton, 213.7p New Haggerston, 207p Lamberton. Tex.x:- 215.1p West Longridge, 213.1p Lamberton, 211.8p Cold Martin, 211p Shotton, 210.7p New Haggerston, 207.8p West Longridge, 205.1p New Haggerston, 205p Yetlington Lane, 204.9p Shipley Smallburns. C.M:- 210.5p Lamberton, 209.1p Lamberton, 208.1p Shotton.. BF:- 206.1p West Longridge. Mule:- 204.7p Lamberton.

Ewes a colossal trade.

Leading prices:- Suff:- £144 Thornington, £129.50 Fowberry Moor, £129 Thornington, £124 Fawdon Farms, £120 Shipley Smallburn, £118 Yetlington Lane, £116 Ladykirk and Fowberry Moor. Tex.:- £131 Fowberry Moor, £124.50 Fowberry Moor, £121 Chillingham Newtown, £119 Yetlington Lane, £118 Shipley Smallburn. Mule:- £101 Thornington. BF:- £88 Hethpool.

Rams:- Suff:- £111 Lilburn Estates.