AT St Boswells Mart on Monday John Swan Ltd sold 107 clean cattle, 114 OTM cattle, 2,452 old season lambs and 489 ewes.

Bullocks (49) averaged 201.2p per kg (+6.2p on the week). Heifers (55) averaged 200p per kg (-1.0p on the week). Three young bulls averaged 203.1p per kg (n/c on the week) and 114 beef type OTM cattle averaged 139.2p per kg (+1.2p on the week).

The 2,452 old season lambs averaged 200.8p per kg (-0.4p on the week) including 737 38-41kgs averaging 208.8p and 489 ewes averaged £79.90 (£1.23 on the week).

Principal prices per kg: Bee Edge 2.27 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons, 2.21, 2.19, 2.17 M/s J Gilmour and Co Ltd; Gospelhall 2.21 M/s J Gilmour and Co Ltd; Jedderfield 2.19 Malone of Edinburgh; Pathhead 2.19 M/s J Gilmour and Co Ltd, 2.14 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons; Upper Nisbet 2.17 (2) M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons and AJ Learmonth Butcher Ltd; Saughland 2.16 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons; Mossburnford 2.15 Malone of Edinburgh; Dunslaw 2.15 Charles Wilson Butchers Ltd; Caverton Mill 2.15 Ramsay Family Butchers; Penston 2.14 Malone of Edinburgh;

Principal prices per head: Shidlaw £1442.75, £1393.60; Saltoun Home Farm £1432.80; Lurdenlaw £1423.50; South Riccalton £1377.50; Longnewton £1356.30; Bee Edge £1350.65; Dunslaw £1348.30, £1344.20.

Cows per head: Ramrig £1652.15, £1337.05; Humebyres £1587.60, £1477.30; Wantonwalls £1365; Traprain £1323.45, £1105; Snawdon £1317.20; Upper Nisbet £1218.30, £1191.80; Hexpath £1176, £1168; South Ord £1132.40; Willowford £1108.80.

Cows per kg: Upper Nisbet 2.02, 1.86; Saltoun Home Farm 1.92; Ramrig 1.91, 1.87; Humebyres 1.89, 1.87; Snawdon 1.78; Traprain 1.70, 1.62; Stoneypath 1.69; Hexpath 1.68; Gospelhall 1.66 Mossburnford 1.65; Berryhill 1.64; Fans 1.62.

Bulls: Easter Middleton £1434 (1.20p); Brockhouse £1252.80 (1.16p).

Principal prices per head: Suff.x;- £116 Berrymoss, Tex.x;- £113, £108.50 Burnhouse Mains, Suff.x;- £111 Wester Middleton, £107 Bonjedward Mill; Bel;- £102 Berrymoss, £99 Newton of Struthers, HB;- £95 Stobshiel, £91.20 Newton of Struthers, Chev;- £93 Thorlieshope, £92.20 North Synton, GF;- £91.50 Lee, £85.80 Swinnie, BER;- £90.50 Springwood Est.; BF;- £86.50 Lee, £86 Blackhope; Ch.x;- £84 Larriston, £83 Saughtree.

Principal prices per kg: Tex.x;- 238.8 Foulshiels, 238.5 Oakwood; Bel;- 234.6 St Leonards, 229.5 Lylestane, Ber;- 220.7 Springwood Est.; Suff.x;- 218.1 Newton of Struthers, 212.1 West Moneylaws; Chev;- 213.3 Thorlieshope and Saughtree; Ch.x;- 210 Larriston, 207.5 Saughtree; GF;- 209.5 Saughtree and Larriston; HB;- 207.3 Newton of Struthers, 205.5 Philiphaugh; BF;- 206.1 Saughtree, 202.2 Glenalmond Est. Cast ewes: Suff;- £123,£101 Berrymoss, Suff.x;- £117 Cockburn, £115 Springwood Est., Tex.x;- £117 Justice Park, £115 Berryhill, HB;- £110, £107 Haltree, Chx;- £100 Haltree, £97 Stobshiel, Bel;- £95 Berrymoss, BER;- £95 Springwood, £79 Bonjedward Mill, Lei;- £93 Burnhouse Mains, £87 Haltree, GF;- £91 Burnhouse, Hyndsidehill and Gilston, BL;- £87 Haltree, BFL;- £83 Gilston, CM;- £79 Stobshiel Mains, SWA;- £69 Fairnilee, BF;- £68 Inchkeith.


AT their weekly Primestock sale held at Wooler last Wednesday John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 773 hoggs and 278 ewes.

Hoggs: Overall average 42.9kg at 193.9p, 38-42kg–201.1p. The hogg trade in need of a boost, all classes cleared but at a price.

Leading prices per head:- Suff.x:- £104.50 Holy Island, £102 West Longridge, £99 Kettleburn, £98.50 Holy Island, £97 West Longridge, £96.50 Alnham and South Lyham, £95.50 Roddam Estates. Tex.x:- £102.50 Greenhead, Reston, £99.50 West Longridge, £98 Alnham, £95.50 Kettleburn, £94 Branton Eastside. Chev:- £86 Branton Eastside. HB:- £84.50 Branton Eastside. Mule:- £82 Branton Eastside. BF:- £75 Alnham.

Leading prices per kilo:- Tex.x:- 214.1p Biddlestone Home Farm, 213.2p Old Cambus, 212.8p Hoppen Hall, 211.3p Roddam Estates, 210.8p Yetlington Lane, 209.8p Newton Villa, 208.8p Roddam Estates, 207.3p Old Cambus, 205p Roddam Estates, 204.9p Ladykirk, 204.8p Yetlington Lane, 203.5p Roddam Estates, 203.4p Mindrum Farming Co. Suff.x:- 210p Old Cambus, 207.5p Old Cambus, 205.8p Newton Villa, 202.6p Howtel, 202.4p Old Cambus and Ladykirk, 201.2p Mindrum Farming Co. Chev:- 202.5p Biddlestone Home Farm, 200p Newton Villa. Mule:- 197.4p Howtel.

Ewes easily cleared with trade remaining very firm. Leading prices:- Suff:- £140 Howtel, £135 Great Ryle. Suff.x:- £128 Holy Island, £126 Great Ryle, £125, £123, £120 South Bellshill, £115.50 Kettleburn, £111 West Longridge and Holy Island, £110 Great Ryle and Meadow Rig. Tex.x:- £129 Holy Island, £123 Meadow Rig and South Bellshill, £117, £113 South Lyham. Bel:- £121 Meadow Rig, £108 West Moneylaws. BFL:- £119 Branton Eastside, £115.50 Alwinton. BL:- £110 Branton Eastside. HB:- £105.50, £102.50 Brandon, £101 West Moneylaws. CM:- £98 West Ord. Mule:- £97.80 South Bellshill, £95 Holy Island, £93.50 Ross Farm, £93 Branton Eastside. Chev:- £96.50 Kettleburn. BF:- £77 Branton Eastside, £75 Clennell, £74.50 Alnham. Swale:- £68 Sourhope. Rams:- Suff:- £129 Great Ryle. Tex:- £128 Holy Island. Chev:- £125 Branton Eastside.


DURING the week ending Friday, January 20, Border Livestock Exchange Ltd sold 131 prime cattle including 61 cast cows and bulls, 1,049 prime lambs including 104 cast ewes, 91 store cattle and 604 store lambs.

Organic lambs sell to £5.00 per kg.

Prime cattle showed signs of firming as numbers available tighten and stores hit record levels. Aberdeen Angus cross bullocks from Cairndinnis, Haddington, and Whitmuirhaugh, Kelso, sold to 353p per kg and £1,348 per head. Belgian Blue young bulls from Sharplaw Farms, Hownam, sold to 335p per kg and £1,496 per head, while OTM heifers from Bowsden Moor, Berwick, reached 330p per kg.

All other classes of OTM cattle sold exceptionally well with Limousin crosses from Whitmuirhaugh selling to £1,348. Simmental and Stabiliser crosses sold to £1,175 from Easington Grange, Belford. Quality dairy bred young bulls from Middle Moor, Alnwick, to 330p per kg and £978 per head for 25. Dairy veal calves to 300p per kg flat rate Baldersbury Hill, Berwick. Good competition and more required.

Lambs continue to sell well with organic types still making the top prices.

Texel crosses from Tullochallum, Keith to £102.90 and £5.00 per kg. Export weights from Embleton Steads, Alnwick, sold to 460p per kg and £96.60. Hollybush, Galashiels, also sold Texel cross to 455p per kg. Suffolk crosses from Redpath Farm, Duns, to 450p per kg £94.50. Romney crosses to 450p per kg from Humbleton, Wooler.

Store cattle are extremely dear and easy to sell. Record prices for on farm sales were achieved with Blonde heifers from Cairndinnis, Haddington, selling to £1,150.

Store lam bs were much the same when a group of 350 Suffolk and Texel crosses sold to £77 from Hurworth Co, Durham.