AT St Boswells Mart on Monday John Swan Ltd sold 138 clean cattle, 102 OTM cattle, 2,437 old season lambs and 771 ewes.

Bullocks (53) averaged 195p per kg (-5.0p on the week). Heifers (82) averaged 201p per kg (-2.0p on the week). Three young bulls averaged 180.3p per kg (n/c on the week). 102 beef type OTM cattle averaged 138p per kg (+2.2p on the week).

The 2,437 old season lambs averaged 201.2p per kg (-3.1p on the week) including 818 38-41kgs averaging 212.8p, 425 light lambs averaged 196.3p per kg. 771 ewes averaged £81.13 (-£2.54 on the week).

Principal prices per kg: Bee Edge 2.25 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons, 2.19 Worsley Butchers Ltd, 2.18 (2) M/s Moor and Denholm Meat Supplies, 2.17 (2) Forth Meat Supplies and Worsley Butchers Ltd; Tehillah 2.24 Worsley Butchers Ltd, 2.20 M/s Moor; Woodhouse 2.21, 2.20 M/s J Gilmour and Co Ltd; Upper Nisbet 2.19 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons; Wester Ulston 2.18 Worsley Butchers Ltd, Saughland Farm 2.18 J Scott, Paisley; Shidlaw 2.18 Malone of Edinburgh.

Principal prices per head: Lurdenlaw £1422.95, £1417.05, £1317.90; West Mains £1396.75, £1326.75; Upper Nisbet £1346.85; Inland Pastures £1327.15.

Cows per head: Tehillah £1663.20, £1575, £1260, £1258; Inland Pastures £1488, £1320; Kersknowe £1406.50; Toxside £1193.40, £1121.40; Over Whitlaw £1183.20; Fans £1178; Huntington £1175; Oakwood £1165.45; Borthwickshiels £1117.40.

Cows per kg: Tehillah 2.16, 1.85, 1.83, 1.80, 1.75, 1.74; Huntington 1.88; Inland Pastures 1.86, 1.62; Over Whitlaw 1.74; Castle Grant 1.69; Traprain 1.67; Bedrule 1.65, 1.64; Gospelhall 1.64; Oakwood 1.63.

Bulls: Stobshiel Mains £1130 (1.00p).

Principal prices per head: Tex.x;- £113 Crookston, £112 Mayfield, Suff.x;- £106.50 Mayfield, £105 Bonjedward Mill, Bel.x;- £106,£99 Crookston, Chev;- £101 Mountbenger, £94 North Synton, BF;- £91 Crookston, £90 Hartside, GF;- £90 Crookston, £89 Lee, Char;- £87 St Dunstan, CM;- £87, £86.50 Whitehill, £84.50 Faughhill.

Principal prices per kg: Tex.x;- 235.1 Dunslaw, 232.4 Clarilaw, Suff.x;- 222 Bayhill Farming, 219.7 Dunslaw, Chev;- 221.1 Whitchesters, 215 Traprain, Char;- 217.5 St Dunstan, GF;- 212.6 Clarilaw, 205.4 Glenalmond, BF;- 212.2 Glenalmond, ML;- 211.8 Whitmuir, CM;- 211.3 Faughhill, 207.1 Whitehill.

Cast ewes: BFL;- £121 Torwoodlee Mains, £89 Bowland, Tex;- £119 Torwoodlee Mains and Corsbie, £113 Headshaw. L, Suff.x;- £115 Hartside, £113 Mayfield, HB;- £115 Wester Middleton, £111 Bonjedward Mill, Char;- £115 Ruletownhead, Suff;- £113 Torwoodlee, CM;- £95 Wester Ulston, £93 Brothershiels, Chev;- £91 Torwoodlee, £85 ex Thorlieshope, GF;- £91 Rumbletonrig & Corsbie, Lleyn;- £85 Gatehousecote, £77 Ruletownhead; BF;- £67 Applecross & Craig Douglas, Swa;- £67 Nuide.

Rams: Suff;- £140 Rumbletonrig, £109 Torwoodlee Mains, Tex;- £121 Rumbletonrig, £115 Mersington; Bel;- £115 Hartside.


AT their weekly Primestock Sale held at Wooler last Wednesday John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 748 hoggs and 190 ewes.

Hoggs: Overall average 44.3kg at 191.1p – 39-42kg – 202p. Trade in line with nationwide trend.

Leading prices per head:- Suff.x:- £111 East Fleetham, £100 Newstead, £96 North Sharperton, £95 Mindrum, £94 Low Middleton. Tex.x:- £105 Lickar Moor, £97 Fowberry Moor, £96 Ladykirk, £94 West Longridge. Ven:- £91 South Lyham. Chev:- £86, £85 Newton Villa. Oxf:- £99.50 East Fleetham.

Leading prices per kilo: Tex.x:- 216.7p Low Middleton, 215.4p Roddam Estates, 213.6p West Longridge, 213.1p Ladykirk. Suff.x:- 215.8p Shipley, 204.4p Newton Villa. Chev:- 215.4p Humbleheugh, 205.4p Branton East Side .

Ewes, leading prices:- Tex.x:- £139, £123 Wrangham East, £115 Newstead, £112 Black Heddon, £111 Shipley, £111 Shipley Smallburn. Suff.x:- £119 Gainslaw Hill, £119 East Fleetham, £111 Fowberry Moor, £110 North Sharperton, £109.50 Low Middleton. Mule:- £109 Gainslaw Hill, £95 Edrom Mains, £92 West Longridge. Zwa:- £125 Wrangham East. Chev:- £99 Humbleheugh. HB:- £106 Brandon. Char:- £117 Ladyflat.


THE Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC had forward 64 prime cattle, four young bulls, 47 over 30 month cattle, 5,307 prime hoggs and 6,818 cast ewes and rams at their weekly sale at Longtown last Thursday.

The 64 prime cattle saw Charolais heifers sell to a top of 210.5p from Hallburn to Messrs Jewitt; Limousin 209.5p, 206.5p (x2) Hallburn; British Blue 209.5p Hallburn. British Blue bullocks to 208.5p (£1,396) The Gill; Charolais 204.5p (£1,414) High Stenries; Galloway 196.5p Spoutbank. Young bulls to 186.5p Becton Hall.

The 47 OTM’s on offer were a sharper trade with Angus cows selling to 154p Tanlawhill and 144p Potholm; Shorthorn 144p Tanlawhill; Limousin 144p (x2) Englishtown; Simmental 126p Sceughdyke; Angus 119.5p Brisco Hill. Galloway bullocks to 170p Ashness; Blue Grey 164p Brae Mar; Shorthorn 140p Brae Mar. Limousin bulls to 123p Netherton. British Blue heifers to 190p from Broohills; Hereford 158p, 157p (x2) Selbystown; Shorthorn 152p, 151p Minsca; Angus 136p Selbystown.

A larger show of 5,307 prime hoggs were forward to an increased ring of buyers, with an overall average of 200p per kilo, with export weight hoggs and light hoggs easily sold, but 45kilos plus harder to cash.

The 1,271 lightweight hoggs continued to sell at recent high rates with many hoggs going back to the land.

An unexpectedly large show of 6,818 cast ewes and rams were forward to an increased ring of buyers with heavy ewes and Mule ewes £6 to £8 easier on the week but export and plain ewes continuing at recent high rates, similar to trade a fortnight ago in comparison to last weeks exaggerated trade. Cast rams were also easily sold.

Heavy ewes sold to a top of £150.50 for Texels from Newbigging, £148.50 Orchardton Mains, £144.50 Westside; Leicester £134.50, £124.50 Westhill, £118.50 Newbigging; North Country Cheviot £132.50 Biggin, £110.50 Fontanbleau, £107.50 Upper Cullernie; Suffolk £126.50 Chapel Hill Farm, £124.50 Stackbraes, £121.50 Brockholes; Charollais £124.50 Chapel Hill Farm, £98.50 Fontanbleau, £94.50 Ellerslie; Beltex £120.50 Maidencoates, £116.50, £114.50 Newbigging; Greyface £118.50 Alton Farm, £108.50 Brockholes, £103.50 Banniskirk Mains; Half Bred £114.50, £102.50 Lirrit; Cheviot Mule £98.50 Colmslie Hill, £90.50 Stackbraes; Zwartbles £86.50 Fontanbleau; Dorset £84.50 Cooilingel.


DURING the week ending Friday, January 13, Border Livestock Exchange Ltd sold 143 prime cattle including 45 cast cows and bulls, 1,941 prime lambs and 104 store cattle.

Prime cattle were slightly easier on the week with home bred Continental heifers from Lochside Farm, Yetholm, hitting top spot at 353p per kg (£1,320) Aberdeen cross to 355p per kg from Bonjedward Mill to Well Hung and Tender, Berwick. Continental cross steers from Stamford, Alnwick, sold to 341p per kg and £1,288 per head. Cast cows continue to buck the local trend and sell exceptionally well. A tremendous consignment of 21 from Hill Top East Farm, Darlington, sold to £1,617 to average £1,126 and 281p per kg. Other cow prices to £1,133 from Lochtower Farm, Yetholm, and £1,233 East Mains.

Lamb trade also steady except Organics which have become very scarce and subsequently very good to sell. Tullochallum, Keith, sold to 490p per kg and £102.90. Blackfaced lambs to 450p per kg Prendwick, Alnwick. Texel crosses to 455p per kg Hollybush, Galashiels. Suffolk crosses to 450p per kg and £94.50 from Redpath Farms. Romney crosses to 455p per kg Humbleton, Wooler.