Market Prices


AT their weekly Primestock Sale John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 1,202 lambs and 373 ewes.

Nationwide trends continued with all classes easier on the week. In spec lambs were again most sought after.

Leading prices per head:- Suff.x:- £80 Holy Island, £79 Ladykirk, £78.50, £78 Holy Island, £77.50 Castlelaw, £75.50 Brockley Hall. Tex.x:- £77.50 Holy Island and Castlelaw, £77 South Charlton, £76.50 Black Heddon (2) and West Longridge, £76 Holy Island, £75 Butterknowes and Castlelaw. Bel:- £75 The Loan. Ven:- £72 North Lyham. Char:- £74 Wandon.

Leading prices per kilo:- Tex.x:- 183.8p (2) Yetlington Lane, 179.5p Todrig, 178.8p (2) Lorbottle, 177.9p Black Heddon, 174.4p Butterknowes, 173.7p Bewick Folly, 172.5p Roddam Estates and Lorbottle, 171.6p Black Heddon. Suff.x:- 178.2p Ladyflat, 176.3p Todrig.

Ewes a larger show and all classes in firm demand.

Leading prices:- Suff.x:- £99, £96, £94 Holy Island, £94 The Newton, £91.50 Castlelaw, £88.50, £87.50 Branton Eastside, £87.50 Roddam Estates. Tex.:- £95.50 Butterknowes, £89.50 The Newton. BL:- £90 Branton Eastside. Chev:- £86.50, £84 Branton Eastside. Bel:- £80 High Learchild. Mule:- £75 The Newton, £74 Kettleburn, £72 Branton Eastside. BF:- £84 Clennell.


Border Livestock Exchange Ltd to week ending Friday, September 30, sold 92 Prime Cattle including 42 Cast Cows; 2,592 Prime Lambs; 521 Cast Ewes; 240 Breeding Ewes; 780 Store Lambs and 94 Store Cattle.

Aberdeen Angus x Heifers from Bonjedward Mill, Jedburgh sold to a record 360p per kilo to Well Hung & Tender, Berwick-upon-Tweed. Continental x Heifers from Cairndinnis, Haddington sold to 347p and £1,283 per head. Limousin Young Bulls from Bowsden Moor, Berwick-upon-Tweed sold to 332p and £1,437 per head to Linden Foods, Newcastle.

Prime Lambs were a similar trade with Organic Lambs from Tullochallum, Keith selling to 400p per kilo and £84 per head. Export Weights sold to 390p per kilo Prendwick, Alnwick and Whittingham Grange, Alnwick. Texel x Lambs to £80.85 Low Trewhitt, Thropton and Sharplaw, Hownam. Cheviot x Lambs from Mowhaugh, Yetholm; Cliftoncote, Yetholm and South Riccalton, Jedburgh all to 380p per kilo and £79.80 per head.

Store and Breeding Stock was again easy to sell with Lambs firming slightly particularly long keeping sorts. Mule Gimmers sold to £150. Meatlinc Ewe Lambs to £90. Mule Gimmering Ewe Lambs to £85.


The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 44 prime cattle, 0 young bulls, 35 over thirty month cattle, 6,863 prime lambs and 8,623 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 29th September, 2011.

A small show of prime cattle due to the dry weather and a better quality of cattle forward saw prices peak at 222.5p for a Limousin bullock from from J. & N. Blaylock & Son, Hallburn. Mr Blaylocks run of bullocks averaged out at 220.8p. Topping the heifer section at 208.5p was a Charolais from Messrs J.W. Vevers, High Stenries.

Principal prices (per kilo). Bullocks: Limousin – 222.5p, 220.5p, 219.5p Hallburn, 218.5p, 197.5p High Vevers. Charolais – 207.5p, 200.5p High Stenries. Simmental – 206.5p Newtown Farm. British Blue – 205.5p The Haining House. Heifers: Charolais – 208.5p High Stenries, 202.5p Sceughdyke, 189.5p Houghton House and Low Hallburn. British Blue – 201.5p, 185.5p Beckhall.


John Swan Limited St Boswells sold 1036 Aberdeen Angus Cross Bullocks & Heifers at their annual sale. All classes were keenly contested throughout.

Messrs Ross Farms, Wester Middleton won the show Championship with a bullco scaling 540kgs and selling for £1250.

The TW Forrest Challenge Trophy for the best pen of cattle was won by Wester Mddleton.

Leading prices: £1390 Wester Middleton

Bullocks: £1270 Wester Middleton; £1250 Stagehall & Wester Middleton, £1240 Cammerlaws & Whitfield, £1230 Cammerlaws,£1220 Minto Kames & Southfield.

Avge per kg 1.99p; per head £955.52 +£175.69.

Heifers: £1170, £1105 Whitfield, £1030 Stobswood, £1015 Whitfield, £1000 Coltcrooks, £990 South Riccalton, £980 Coltcrooks. Avge 1.79p; per head £812.24 + £213.

The firm also sold 3332 Store & Breeding sheep.

Suff.x Ewe lambs £104 Widdrington, Suff.x ewes 2cr £94, GF Ewes 3cr £92, GF Ewes 4cr £90.

Sore lambs dearer on the fortnight: Suff.x;- £67.50 Elwartlaw, £66.50 Kirktonhill & Lustruther, £66 Elwartlaw, £65.50 Lustruther & Ruletownhead, £65 Cocklawfoot.

Average £63.71,£60.50 last year. Tex.x;- £66 Kirktonhill, £65.50 Torsonce Mains, £64 Kirktonhill & Torsonce Mains. Average £63.29. Beltex;- £65 Threeburnford, Lleyn;- £54.50 Dolphinston, Chev.x;- £62.50 Horsburghford, Hill Chev;- £60.50 Langhope, £59.50 Mainside, £57.50 Whitfield, NC Hill Chev;- £60 Priesthaugh & Carcant, £59.50 Attonburn & Buchtrig, £58 Attonburn ,BF Wedd;- £57 Nether Horsburgh, £52 Perterburn, average £56.77, £52.41 last year.