AT St Boswells Mart on Monday John Swan Ltd sold 113 clean cattle, 53 OTM cattle, 3,419 spring lambs and 819 ewes.

Bullocks (61) averaged 202.5p per kg (-0.3p on the week) and sold to 222p from Bee Edge, gross £1515 from Lurdenlaw. Heifers (41) averaged 197.9p per kg (-0.6p on the week) and sold to 216p from Bee Edge, gross £1380 from Lurdenlaw. The 11 young bulls averaged 190.4p per kg (+2.8p on the week) and sold to 210p from Ramrig, gross £1452 from Roxburgh Mains. The 53 beef type OTM cattle averaged 147.4p per kg (+2.3p on the week) and sold to 186p from Wrangham East, gross £1505 from Darnhall.

The 3,419 spring lambs averaged 169.2p per kg£70.34per head (-2.4p on the week) and sold to £85 a head from Huntington and 186.7p per kg from Dryden. The 819 ewes averaged £68.16 (n/c on the week) and sold to £115 from Craigsford Mains, tups to £141 Roxburgh Mains.

Principal prices: Bee Edge 2.22, 2.12 M/s Moor,2.17 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons,2.16 M/s J Gilmour and Co Ltd; Upper Nisbet 2.18 Denholm Meat Supplies; Longnewton 2.17 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons; Lennoxlove 2.17 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons, 2.14 M/s Moor, 2.11 M/s J Gilmour and Co Ltd; Chapelhill 2.14 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons, 2.12 Malone of Edinburgh; Caverton Mill 2.14 M/s Moor; Woodhead. A 2.13 Craig Douglas; Lurdenlaw 2.13;

Cows per head: Ramrig £1470.50; Wrangham East £1456,£1404.30; Humebyres £1293.60, £1287; Newton Farm £1288.80,£1246.95; Innerwick £1224.50,£1167.75; Hownam Grange £1221; Kirkton £1208.35; Brockley Hall £1168; Hopton £1165.45.

Cows per kg: Wrangham East 1.86, 1.82, Craighouse 1.84; Hownam Grange 1.76,1.65;Humbyres 1.76,1.65;Ramrig 1.73; Innerwick 1.73,Kirkton 1.69; Hopton 1.63; Newton Farm 1.63; Stirches Mains1.60; Brockley Hall 1.59; West Mains 1.59. Bulls: Darnhall £1505.40, Corsbie £1486.80, Kedzlie £1216.

On Monday trade was slightly easier on the week selling to £85 per head for a pen of Texels and 186.7p pkg to average £70.34(168.5p).

Principal prices per head: Tex.x;- £85 Huntington, £83.50 Kirkton, £81.50 Shoestanes, £80 Huntington, £78.50,£77.50 Kirkton, £77 Huntington, St Leonards, Clarilawmoor and Threepwood, £76.80 Benson Wemyss, £76.20 Kirkton, Suff.x;- £80 Huntington, £79 St Leonards and Roxburgh Mains, £75.20 Craigsford Mains, £75 Ashcraig and Marvingston, £74.80 Brothershiels, £74.50 Burnhouse Mains, Headshaw.L and Currie Inn, £74.20 Aikeyside, £74 Clarilawmoor, £73.80 Legerwood, CM;- £79.80 Langlee Mains, £71.80 Harden, Chev;- £74 Kirklands, £69.50 Wester Ulston, Beltex.x;- £73 Faughhill and Threepwood, £72.80 Ashcraig and Bhalu, £71 Ashcraig, HB;- £71.80 Stobshiel.

Principal prices per kg: Tex.x;-186.7 Dryden, 184.2 Howden, 182.1 Eildon Mains, 181 Howden, 180.8 Whitriggs, 180.5 New Blainslie, 180 Paitshill and Whitriggs, 179.4 16 Ladylands Dr, 179 Bedrule, 178.4 Borthwickshiels, 178.1 Howden, 177.6 Firth, 177.5 New Blainslie, Beltex;- 183.3,182, Ashcraig 180.5 Threeburnford, 178.8 Bhalu, 178.1 Faughhill and Threeburnford, Suff.x;- 177.2 Broomiebank, 175 Firth, 174.5 Whitriggs, 173.7 Wormerlaw and Borthwickshiels, 173.6, 173.5 Broomiebank, 173.2 Ashcraig, Chev;- 170.5 Saughtree, Chev.x;- Birneyknowe, Char;- 174.4 Hallrule Mill

Ewes sold to similar trade to that of last week.

Cast ewes: Tex.x;- £115 Craigsford Mains, £107 Redheugh, £101 Hyndsidehill, £99 Westfield Townhead, £97 Bedrule, £93,£91 Broom,£91 Bankhouse, Suff.x;- £110 Hyndsidehill, £101 Redheugh and Craigsford Mains, £97 Bedrule and Broom, Chev;- £95 Brockhouse, £77 Whitchesters, GF;- £77 Mailingsland and Carterhaugh, £75 Heriot Mill and Kittyfield, £74 Sydenham, £73 Broomiebank, Heriotmill, Huntershall, Inchkeith and Sorrowlessfield, BF;- £59 Torquan, £57 Newarkburn, £53 Blackcastle, Lleyn;- £81 Dolphinston, £70 Hundalee, CM;- £83 ,£77 Carterhaugh, High;- £71 Carterhaugh, HB;- £83 Marvingston, Zwar;- £85 Torview .

Rams: Suff;- £141 Roxburgh Mains, Tex;- £91 Kirkton, BF;- £71 Torquan.

Goats to £66.50 Stackbraes.


AT their weekly Primestock sale held at Wooler last Wednesday John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 1,608 lambs, and 368 ewes.

Lamb numbers more plentiful with trade remaining similar to last week’s rates.

Leading prices per head: Char;- £80 South Lyham. Suff.x;- £79.50 Brockley Hall, £78 Todrig, £77.80 Berryhill, £76.50 Brockley Hall, £75 Wandon. Tex.x;- £79 Berryhill, £78 Wandon, £77.50 West Longridge and Lorbottle, £77 Butterknowes, Chillingham Newtown and Bellwood House, £76.50 Wandon and Roddam Estates, £76 Bolton Wing, £75.50 (2) Great Ryle, £75 Brandon Whitehouse.

Leading prices per kilo: Tex.x;- £193.4p Crammond Hill, 189p West Longridge, 188.2p Roddam Estates, 187.8p Ladykirk, 187.2p West Longridge, 185.4p Bolton Wing, 185p Village Farm and West Longridge, 184.2p Great Ryle, 183.8p Goswick and Yetlington Lane, 183.3p Bellwood House and Butterknowes, 182.5p Newstead, 182.1p Cockhall and Greystonnes, Warenford. Cha;- 181.6p Cockhall, 180p Ladyflat. Suff.x;- 176.4p Cockhall.

Ewe trade remained buoyant, all classes dearer than earlier week markets.

Ewes per head: Suff.x;- £118 Great Ryle, £110 South Bellshill, £106.50 Great Ryle, £106 Chillingham Home Farm, £100.50 Roddam Estates, £100 Chillingham Home Farm. Tex.x;- £95.50 Village Farm, £94.50 Chillingham Home Farm. HB;- £95 Marigold. BFL;- £89 Ladykirk. Mule;- £82.50 South Charlton, £81 South Bellshill. Tex Rams;- £104 Auchencrow Mains, £100 High Learchild and Linbrigs.


DURING the week ending Friday, September 2, Border Livestock Exchange Ltd sold 115 prime cattle including 28 cows and cull bulls, 31 cows with calves, 3,215 prime lambs, 1,750 store lambs including 280 ewe lambs, 215 gimmers and 247 store cattle.

Prime cattle maintained their strong trade, with keen demand from all areas. Aberdeen Angus steers to 344p per kilo from Bonjedward Mill, Jedburgh, to Well Hung and Tender, Berwick. Scottish steers from Cairndinnis, Haddington, sold to 338p per kg. Heifers from the same farm sold to 335p per kilo. Young bulls to 320p and £1,148 Henlaw, Wooler. Top quality Continental cross cows from Skelton Estates, Redcar, sold to a remarkable 310p per kg and £1,117 per head. A mature Angus bull from Lochtower, Yetholm, sold to £1,265. Dairy cows from Kelloe Mains, Duns, sold to 250p per kilo.

Large volumes of lambs continue to be marketed. Suffolk cross lambs sold to 395p and £83.10 Cherrytrees, Yetholm; 390p and £81.90 Langraw, Hawick; Sharplaw, Kelso and Hollybush, Galashiels.

Remarkable numbers of store lambs continue to be sold to £62 for 34kg (Texel X Mules). Mule ewe lambs met strong demand selling to £113.

Adult breeding sheep sold in good numbers with 215 mule gimmers selling to £165 and Lleyns to the same price.

A smart batch of 31 second calving Limousin X cows with April born calves at foot sold for £1,630.

Store cattle met eager demand with Scottish Limousins selling to £930 for 470kg.